Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's In Your Purse?

So I saw this on another blog and thought it was too cute! I am going to show you what is in my purse! I have not taken anything out or cleaned it so this is truly what is in my purse! Now after this I will clean it out!

Ok, so I have:
1. my "m" make up bag! contain the norm- eye shadow, liner, and other important stuff ;)
2. wallet - LOVE my wallet, I have always had a hobo international wallet - i even had one before anyone knew what they were! - I think this is my 4th one! They are totally worth the money!
3. old receipts- dont act like you don't have them in your purse! i will throw them away today!!
4. Dnow schedule! - trash too!
5. checkbook
6. pens- i love pens!
7. chap stick- i have a chapstick fetish! when I worked i had a bowl on my desk that was just for chapstick!
8. Mascara- I have tried many many types of mascara...cheap expensive and I have found this is the best! Its Loreal Voluminous Mascara! Its amazing!
9. Lipliner- this is the best lip liner ever! Thank you Merle Norman- I have been wearing this since High School!
10. BioFreeze! ;) for my awful back! this stuff is great! Thank you Deana for the samples!
11. Deodorant- if you know me you know I don't go anywhere with out this! I am paranoid! I never want to stink! ;) better safe than sorry!
12. camera usb cord! I don't normally have this in my purse but its there today!
13. Phone- it normally stays in my purse so if you can't get me its because I can't hear it! The phone is not that important to me!
14. Keys

Thats all that is in my purse today! I normally have alot more "Jagger" stuff in my purse like paci, sippy cup, food, and most of the time a tractor! but I cleaned all that out for DNow so it hasn't had a chance to make its way back in there!
Hope you all are having a FANTASTIC rainy day!

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