Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am laying here in bed thinking about how blessed I am. I tear up everytime I think about it because I just almost feel unworthy of all the blessing I have. Does everyone do that or is it just me? I thank God everyday for everything wonderful he does for me. The whole Japan thing got mind on all of this and getting to spend some time with my parents. I have such a great family, Matthew's side included!!!. My parents are so good to me and always have been. I am not saying that it has always been a bed of roses. I am sure that the days of being me being a stubborn teen were not fun around our house, but we survived and we all love each other very much. My parents now are probaby the happiest I have ever seen them, and that makes me happy. My dad actually walks around and smiles. It is so pleasant and fills my heart with joy!
Jagger and I came up to mom and dads to hang out and take mom to the doctor. Her doctor is in Little Rock, so we came up to drive her. If you know my mom, you know that she has no sense of direction and gets turned around in Searcy, so Little Rock is out of the question!!! hahahha (sorry Mom, I had to pick on you!) and plus her knee being all messed up she doesn't need to be driving in all that mess. Jagger LOVES coming to Bennie and Pops! He has a blast! As soon as we walk in the door it's just Poppa, Poppa, Poppa, over and over! He is like a broken record. He will ask Poppa a million questions. Its really funny and sweet! Today, while we were in Little Rock, Jagger and I went to the mall. I love the store Forever 21, but hardly ever get to go in one, so I got to check it out. It is almost like the website, alittle overwhelming!!!!! There is so much stuff. Not only did I get to go in a fav store, we also got to eat one of my fav places- PF CHANGS!!!! YUMMMMYYY!!! Words can't describe the food there. It is so good...I eat until I am almost sick and then eat some more!!!! ;) Today for me was wonderful, two favs in one day!!!
Jagger also has been spoiled while we have been here! Its not like he has enough toys but when we come to Pops we always get more! The rule is that they stay here, so thats cool! He ended up getting a remote control 4-wheeler at Wal-Mart!- His favorite store!!!!! The poor dogs are getting terrorized by this thing, I know they will be glad when we go home! and then today he got a tent! My child loves tents, so he talked Bennie into a tent at Target!

So Happy!!!

If you notice Pop is in the tent with Jagger and they are trying to get the dogs to get in there!! ;)

Pop and Jagger have so much fun together. I know Jagger will be sad to go home! We do miss Matthew/Daddy very much and can't wait to go home and see him! I know he gets lonely when we are gone!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!! Hope you had the best day ever!!!

Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

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