Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Beautiful! A word that many women feel does not define them! We are surrounded by pictures and pictures of models that are "beautiful". I feel society has made it harder and harder for women to feel comfortable in their own skin. If we are not a certain size, if we don't wear certain clothes, if we don't use certain beauty products, and so many other things that are suppose to help us feel beautiful! Why can't we just feel beautiful in our own skin?
One thing I love about becoming a mother is that my boys love me know matter what! They see me in my worst and still think I'm beautiful. Jagger always find the perfect opportunity to tell me I am pretty! I know God is using him to remind in those times I am being hard on myself and that HE made me, therefore I am beautiful! I know you are wondering where all this came from, but my new blog friend Ashley at Forever Ashley- check her out! wrote a whole post on being "exposed". She talked about how not wearing makeup made her feel vulnerable and exposed! I think this is something that many women can relate too but it really hit home with me! and then this morning Jagger took a picture of me and told me I looked so pretty!! Me, when I looked at the picture I saw nasty greasy hair, a huge fever blister on my lip, and just a face that feels more comfortable with makeup! but seeing it through my sons eyes- I see a mom that loves her kids and husband so much it hurts! what do you see??

I decided to go through some of the pictures I always thought were gross and try to see them through different eyes......

 This picture is one I swore to never show and I am disappointed at not taking more pictures from when I was in the hospital with Hudson. I didn't want anyone to see me. I was so swollen, I could barely walk. I had gain around 25lbs in a week. Matthew would help me walk to the bathroom, and when I would see myself in the mirror I would cry. He would instantly grab and tell me I was so beautiful! I look back an I was beautiful. I was carrying that precious baby boy! I was experiencing a time with God like never before! I was a mom that was broken because I couldn't be with my baby boy during Christmas, and his birthday.....I was strong and that is beautiful!
In all these pictures I see a women with no makeup but she has so much love in her heart for Jesus and her family it is exploding! Yes, my body may not be perfect. I may have flaws and at times may feel vunerable but I do not want makeup or clothes to define me as beautiful! I want my heart and soul to define me as beautiful! So from now on, when you are not feeling so beautiful, take a step back,look at yourself in the mirror and see what God sees! Beauty!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love..


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    1. Thank you Kayla!! Love you too! ;)

  2. Gorgeous post! Those photos with your children are the most beautiful of all. My husband and I lost our only pregnancy three months ago and we have not been blessed with children. There are many days that I feel as though parenthood is not part of His plan for our lives and I try to accept it despite my hurt and confusion. You should cherish and love any picture with your children in them, especially those taken at their birth. Your courage and love in those moments far outshine any makeup you do or do not have on!

    1. Ashley!! I am so sorry about your pregnancy. I have had many friends experience this and seen the heartache that comes with it! All I know is that its in God's timing!
      and thank you for making me realize how special those moments are!

  3. What lovely post! I don't think there is ever a more beautiful moment than a mother holding her child for the first time. I've no idea what that feels like, but I've seen it before, and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. :)

    And your family is just precious! Your son telling you you're beautiful is so gosh darn adorable. Those are the important moments in life. I love the message you convey in this post.