Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Truth Tuesday!

It's the truth.....

*I have gained between 5-6lbs in a month! this is depressing and I have got to get a hold on this!!!

*Jagger has fallen asleep on the couch the last two nights before I could brush his teeth...so what do we do first thing in the morning..brush our teeth! Hope I am not the only one!

*CLEAN laundry is piled all in our bedroom floor and on the chair..I have had several opportunities to put it up but I would rather read my book!

*I have not worn full make up in almost a week

*We do not go to Disney until the last of September but I basically have it all planned out and I have already been buying matching shirts!

*I get very worried about stressed over the amount of medical bills we have especially since we are on one income. Any one have a job I could work from home??

*I love to sleep

*Hudson has done so well without his bottles but this last week with shingles, I broke down and gave them to him! It was the only thing that would comfort him. I can't stand to see my babies in pain! Whatever works right?

*I pray that Jesus would come and take us home before my kids get to the teenage years..It scares me too death what they are going to be exposed to.

*Did I really start that same load of laundry 3 times yesterday?

*6 birthday parties in one week gives me a slight panic attack!

*Yes I do daydream about winning the lottery and what all I would do.. Build our new church, help friends and family, give to charities, random acts of kindness all the time, mission work, and maybe a Tory Burch purse ;)

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love......   Ps . Hudson is feeling much better today! Thank you for all the prayers!


  1. I have gained weight :( I Love food!!!

  2. I choose books over laundry all the time so no worries there. I'm glad your little boy is feeling better.