Thursday, August 21, 2014

Closet Diaries: Whats In Your Closet?

Today is a different type of post for me but I am giddy I am so excited about it! I am pairing up with my really good friend, Fanny Pack Mom (Audra is her real name but I am enjoying calling her Fanny!). Fanny and I have what you could call a history together, a 13 or 14 year history! Here is a couple of pics I found of the two of us back in the day!! Fanny, I think we need to dig out some better pictures from our parents house! but these will work for now!

and yes that is a crown on my head- explanation to come!

 We met when my dad starting working for her family's business- Sunrise Honda! When we met, we instantly clicked! She was like the sister I never had. I loved being with their family. I am pretty sure I moved in. As I look back and think on it, I thought their family was awesome. Here I was an only child and they had 3 kids in their home so something was always going on. I took her little sister, Abby, like she was my own little baby! This family has and always will hold a special spot in my heart!
Anyways life moved on and we went our own ways but we still seemed to always stay in touch. I was super excited when Fanny told me she was starting a blog!! We text almost everyday and talk about how cool it would be for our blogs to grow to 10,000 followers! We like to dream big!
When Fanny and I were younger we were definitely  fashionistas!! We loved to look our best and wouldn't go anywhere without spending a good hour in her bathroom getting ready! We both have always enjoyed fashion but the older we have gotten our styles have changed! This is where our blogs come in. We thought it would be neat to share things about our closets! Same questions, different closets. Hope you enjoy....

*Oldest item in closet: This was kind of hard for me because I had a few t-shirts that go back to my senior year but the farther I started digging I did find a two extra special pieces....
Enter the dress I wore in the Holiday of Lights pageant in 2001 ( I think this is the year, not 100%), so the dress is 13 years old!!
and for the fun of it I thought I would try and SQUEEZE myself into it!
I made an attempt. I did get it on but will not be showing the picture from the back! I didn't get it zipped up!! oh well, good try! Maybe its time to get rid of the 13 year old dress! Here is what it looked like 13 years ago...
This is me, after I won the pageant, with Fanny's sister, Abby!
Enough about the dress...While I was digging, I came across one other item that I am almost positive is older than the dress. These...
These grey shorts I have had for years. So many years, I don't even remember not having them. They are some type of cheerleading shorts, and I only cheered up until my 9th grade year, which would have been 2000. So these are old and the more I think about it, Fanny are these your shorts??

Best Bargain: I don't have many true bargains in my closet. Yes, I find shirts at TJ Maxx for $12.99 or Target for $20 but a true bargain to me is when I get some thing that is on sale and it such a great item you can't live without it! Sale items don't happen to me much, but this one did!

Michael Kors purse! I found this beauty on Thanksgiving morning at 5am. No I wasn't at a store. I was in my home, rocking sweet Hudson back to sleep! Thank you and your amazing sale that I stumbled across while mentally and physically exhausted from night time bottle feeds. This purse was originally $358 and I paid $99 for it!!! I will say it again...originally $358, paid $99. Yes, this is a bargain in my book!!

Favorite accessory: I'm not much of an accessory person. I have a lot of cute jewelry but feel like I don't know what to wear it with! I'm weird but I do love my wedding ring and I have a favorite watch I wear almost everyday....It is for sure my favorite accessory.
Michael Kors, you make this girl happy! Keep up the good work!
Favorite go-to item: a good pair of skinny jeans!! I am in love with skinny jeans! They look good with so many things. You can't go wrong....I typically can throw a pair on and it goes with any top or shoes I have on...
skinny jeans with boots:
skinny jeans with converse:
with flip flops:

with flats:
and with the cute heel:

Well that's all I have for you! Don't forget to check out Fanny and see what she has found in her closet!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love.

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  1. Hahaha what a fun post! And pretty sure those are my shorts