Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sickly Sunday!

Today as I was holding Hudson I began thinking back to when I was in the hospital before I had him. I remember the pediatricians coming in and preparing us for what could happen. It was some of the scariest things I had ever heard. The only thing I could do was cry and pray to God that we could handle whatever situation he brought us. Fast forward almost two years and here we are home with Hudson and oh what a blessing that is. He was against many odds and what a miracle he is. We had many ups and down but this sweet baby fought hard and we prayed hard! It has not been an easy year. We have dealt with a lot of sickness. I know and keep telling myself it could be worse and I hope no one thinks I am having a pity party for myself, but good grief there are days I just feel sorry for my little guy!
Last night Matthew and I were laying in bed talking about all the sickness we have dealt with over the last year since Hudson has been home.  Hudson- several double ear infections, TONS of breathing issues, sinus infections,strep, cdiff, bronchitis, shingles. We did constant breathing treatments through the fall and winter months. He had the rsv shots every month September through March.
Jagger also had his round of sickness also- sinus infections, impetigo, rsv, stomach virus, strep, ear infections. And last but not least Mommy- strep, which took me to the ER late one night!, stomach virus so bad I laid in the floor for a whole night,and  sinus infections out the roof.
I promise between the three of us we have kept the doctors going! I tell Matthew thank goodness he stays well because  I dont' know how much I can handle!
Hudson has been ok today. He has "spells" and during that time he is bad! He has only had two today, but when they hit him he screams and cries. It breaks my heart because there is nothing I can do. I try to soothe him the best I can but sometimes that doesn't even work. I am hoping he will not have to go through this much longer but we will have to wait and see!
Please keep our little guy in your prayers!
Hope everyone has a blessed night.
Lots of love

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  1. Sweet Hudson. He can only get better with age!! Can we invent a stomach bug vaccine??