Sunday, August 10, 2014

Keep Calm and Say Thanks!

The last few weeks the devil has really been messing with me. He knows what gets under my skin. He is constantly trying to get me "frazzled", and let me tell you he does a great job! Last night I was having some quite time after a long day I got to thinking....

I finish all the laundry and get it put up. Twenty minutes later, I turn around and it has multiplied by 30. Instead of getting upset and having a two year old temper tantrum over the amount of laundry we have....keep calm and thank God that we have clothes to wear and a washing machine and dryer!

While in Jonesboro, Jagger throws a huge fit over not getting to eat pizza for supper. Instead of getting mad and throwing a fit, keep calm and lets eat Pizza! I mean how long are our kids going to want to eat pizza with us??? Enjoy the moment! Lets eat pizza everyday!

Hudson is constantly sick. We get him well then boom something else happens! Instead of getting down and upset that all this happening...Keep Calm and thank God that Hudson is even with us!

Sometimes our house gets to be an awful mess and there are weeks the toilet may not get cleaned..Keep calm and thank God that we have a beautiful home to make memories in. One day these babies will be gone and the house will be clean all the time!

I get down about how I jeans don't fit.....Keep calm and thank God that my belly is full :)

I had plans to get the kids in bed early and spend time with my hubby, but the kids had other plans!! Lets not get sleepy tonight and fight sleep until we are so tired we are throwing fits and acting like crazy animals. Who are these children?    Keep calm and thank God that we are married and tomorrow will be another chance!

The car is so nasty on the inside it looks like we just ate breakfast, lunch and supper in there and just dumped all the crumbs in the floor! Didn't I just vacuum yesterday!?  Keep calm and thank God we have a car to drive even if it does get gross!

We plan to stick to a budget and we are doing really well then something crazy happens....The air breaks? the car needs new tires? a new medical bill? Will we ever get ahead?   Keep calm and thank God that Matthew has a job that does provide!

I wake up to a huge fever blister coming up.....This one is hard to keep calm about! Keep calm and thank God for abreva and Lysine!    I am going to wear a sign on my shirt and that says, "Yes! I have a huge nasty fever blister on my lip! Could you please quit staring!"

This week if you know that Satan is trying to frazzle you, Keep Calm and find something to give Thanks for!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!!
Lots of love..

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  1. "Giving thanks in all circumstances" is always a tough one, but so necessary!