Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites!

I have gone almost a whole week reminding you what day it is! I am on a roll! Last week my friend, Fanny Pack Mom, shared her favorites, so I thought I would link up with Andrea at momfessionals and share my favorites this week!

So here they are.....

*Favorite movie- I have watched several movies this week- Planes 2, Heaven is for Real, and several others but my favorite is God's Not Dead!! I can not say enough good things about this movie! If you haven't watched it, please do....

*Food-  My dear friend, mentor and everything else, Mrs. Janet brought us some goodies at the beginning of the week and in it was ice cream.....It is the Breyers Gelato...and oh my is unreal, like heaven in your mouth!! I am ashamed at house much I have ate this week!

*Book- I am still reading several books but this one is really sticking with me...I can't put it down! Its about  a wealthy family in the 1890's!

*Beauty Product- Pillow Soft Curls- I have been seeing this all over pinterest and have been wanting to try it but keep forgetting to pick it up! The last time I was at Target I made a point to pick some up! It is a little pricey but feels amazing and I love how it is a cream instead of crunchy gel!

*Pins- Pinterest you make me happy!
I can not wait to use this pin! I can't believe my baby boy is starting Kindergarten. Tear. But I know these will come in handy!

I am a creamer/coffee junky! This is a pin for homemade/clean eating creamer!! super easy-check it out...

That's all I have for you today!! What are your favorites this week?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love...


  1. Stopping by from the link up. I am loving the clean eating creamer... I'll definitely have to try it!!!!

    <3 Sarita

  2. I need to see all of those movies WHILE eating that ice cream!!!