Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bennie Buys Boots!

It's 7am, we are up and going strong. We have had breakfast and already suffered an injury! Hudson thought it would be funny to hit his brother in the face with a tractor! It makes for a nice start to a morning! So now that damage control is done, I can sit here for a few minutes in the chaos and enjoy a cup of coffee and tell you about our weekend.

Bennie and Pop came up this weekend. For those of you who do not know, Bennie and Pop are my mom and dad! My grandma decided to come up so I was very excited to see her!

So anyways, lets talk about boots for a minute! We are a boot loving family!! You can never go wrong with a good pair of boots! Ever since Jagger has been a baby that has been Bennie's "thing". She supplies the boots! He has always had a pair of boots in every size. For the longest it was John Deere. I was going to get in the attic and drag them all down but I don't have time this morning. I am pretty sure there are around 7 or 8 pair plus these....

Jagger gets beyond excited when his boots come in! I am telling you it is a serious time when its time to buy or order boots! Just him and Bennie out to find the perfect pair! and Jagger is that boy who will wear them year round! Many times he is out in the yard or at the farm with shorts and boots! He is our real country boy!
It was exciting this year because Hudson is big enough to get his first pair of boots and they are PRECIOUS!!!
and yes that is Hudson's arm grabbing for them!! He loves them...he wants to carry them every where!
He was so funny wearing them! He just keeps looking down at them when he walks! They are so different than the other shoes he has been wearing! I am pretty sure we now have 2 boot lovin' boys!!

and Bennie, your only daughter found these she is really liking if you are thinking your girl needs a pair of boots......

 Well, time to get off here and get ready for church! Hope everyone has a super blessed Sunday! God is good. Lots of love..

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