Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Megan Marie

Happy Hump Day! It has been a great week! and it makes it even better that I am counting down the days to my birthday!!! I love birthdays! They make me happy!
I am excited that I have several new followers reading my blog! Never thought anyone would want to read what I am writing but beyond happy you do!! I think it is time to introduce myself and tell those of you who don't know me a little about me!

Obviously my name is Megan ;) I am an only child! I am married to a wonderful man, Matt (I call him Matthew). We have two precious boys, Jagger and Hudson. I am a southern girl to the core, born and raised!

Favorite Drink:  this one is hard for me! I have several drinks of choice...I love a good glass of sweet tea but several years ago when I went on a big diet, I cut out sweet tea completely and I really have not turned back! Diet Dr. Pepper in a can- you make me happy! Coffee- I can't go a day without you! :) Ok..I Know you are thinking that all I drink is caffeine looking at this list but I do drink a ton of water! normally I only treat myself to DDP every couple of days!

Favorite Book:  Redeeming Love by Fancine Rivers! If you have not read this, stop what you are doing right now and either download it to your kindle/nook/etc or go buy it!! Absolutely the best book I have ever read and let me tell you I have read some books in my life!

Favorite Color:  Kelly Green! not just green but kelly green!

Favorite Animal: Well.....the animal thing has changed since my Jagger has become quite the Doctor Dolittle! He thinks he needs to keep every type of animal! Fish- cool at first, but then tanks get nasty and stink! Cats- cute and funny, but I got tired of cleaning out the litter box and it biting my kids! Dogs- made me very happy but I was getting stressed over keeping up with 3 boys (Yes I said 3...Matthew is one of my boys I keep up with) and a dog! Frogs- yuck   Baby chickens- cute but the box they are in....made me want to throw up!! Turtles- they are ok! We have two and built a turtle home in our back yard! They don't need a lot!    So anyways to answer the favorite animal would have to be seals! I know, random! but this is an animal we can't bring home. I can't see how cute it is at the zoo and let the zoo people take care of it!
obviously this picture was not at the zoo but you get the idea!! ;) but what a sweet face!

Favorite Perfume: Amarige by Givenchy! My mom wore this for years and I would always make fun of her. I would tell her she needed to find something new to wear and some time, I am not really sure when I decided it was amazing and have been wearing it ever since! ;)

Favorite Holiday: Easter!

Favorite Store: Target!! I love I can go in one store and get everything at one time! Cute home stuff, cute clothes, cute shoes, toys, books....

I am going to end here but I am going to give you the link to some old posts that are about me if you have the time to read them!
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Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. I am a new reader and I loved learning a few things about you! I am a fountain Diet Dr. Pepper gal but I am trying to cut back since I don't drink much water {horrible, I know.} I have been going for half sweet/half unsweet tea. Maybe eventually I will learn to love water as much as I love Target...if that is even possible. ha!

    1. Jamie! I am so glad to have you! Why is Diet Dr. Pepper so addicting??? It drives me crazy at times! and I think loving water more than Target is impossible :)

  2. Happy almost birthday! Seals are amazing! I got to see dozens of elephant seals just chillin' on the California shore this winter. It was incredible to see them in their natural habitat! I'm going to a zoo this weekend...hopefully they'll be there too!


  3. Happy almost birthday sweet friend~!

  4. Great introduction! I'm a sweet tea addict. I'd cut out food before I'd drop my sweet tea! Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration but still...same point.