Saturday, August 30, 2014

Megan's Daily Bread!

Give this day our daily bread!
What an awesome day it is and I have super news I want to share! I have started a new "project/job" for myself! For about a year now, Matthew and I have been praying for God to open some kind of door for me in the means of a job. Well, several have came up but he slams the door in my face! I have been really sad at times because as anyone knows a little extra income never hurts! I finally just gave up because I know God needs me at home right now! A couple of weeks ago, Matthew and I were discussing things I could do at home with Hudson and still make a little income to help us out- enter Megan's Daily Bread!
Basically, I am preparing sacked/boxed lunches at home and delivering them to whoever wants them! It started out with school teachers but now I have several others that will added to the list! The whole concept is that God provides us with what we all need and I want to provide a "daily bread". The lunches will always consist of a main item, side and of course dessert! I am going to keep it pretty simple- sandwiches, chips, pickle and cookies/brownies! Yesterday, I made 12 chicken salad sandwiches on croissant, with chips, pickle and 2 cookies! Sold all but 1! I was beyond thrilled.  I am not a gourmet cook but I can promise all the food is prepared with love and prayer!
Each lunch will also include a random verse or inspirational quote! I had so much fun with this and I want everyone to know that I do not say, "ok, here is Susie's bag. She needs this bible verse" No, I feel I don't need to be the one to pick what you need, God does. So on Friday after I packed all the food, I went down through with my stack of cards and dropped a random card in each one! I will never know what verse or quote you get. This is completely a God thing! I can't think of a better way to spend lunch than eating a home cooked meal and getting some inspiration for the day!! I can't wait to see what is in store for all of this.  So, if you are in my area and are interested, message me and I will give you more information.
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love.


  1. Love this and praying it goes well and is a blessing to others :)

  2. I wish I were in your area. This is such a wonderful idea. The love and thought that goes into this is uplifting. Who doesn't need a little encouragment in their day.

  3. What a neat idea! Keep us updated on how it goes!