Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites-Back to School!

I know it has only been two days but if the rest of the year is based off these first two days, it is going to be amazing!! I'm not going to lie, I was one nervous mama, but now I am beyond excited for sweet Jagger and his kindergarten journey!
Here are my favorites from this back to school week!

Favorite Pin:
I found this ever so fitting seeing that I am a new kindergarten mama, and I always love having scripture for my current situation!

Favorite Food: Normally I would post a recipe or something that I have eaten this week but I figured since it is back to school I would show back to school food....

 Back to school isn't complete without some back to school oreos!!!! I love that they say Welcome back! Omgoodness..I love themes!! ;)

Favorite pictures: I think it is so sweet that Hudson is clapping for his brother!! Yay Jagger!

This picture melts my heart!! This is our sweet "Tootie" (her real name is Hadley). She is my 3rd child!!! I love this baby girl so much, and she loves her "dagger"  as she calls him! It looks like she has a HUGE knot on her head but I swear she doesn't, I guess its just the shadow! but those sweet eyes on Jagger....too much precious for one picture!

Favorite moment:  Last night before sleepytime, we were reading our bible story and going through our prayer list. I ask Jagger if there was anyone he wanted to prayer for. His response- a boy in my class who I want to get a frog note ( a frog note means you have been good!)..I thought this was so sweet that he is looking around for kids to pray for!

Favorite Book: no explanation needed!

Link  up and tell us your favorites! Hope everyone has a blessed Friday!
Lots of love..


  1. So precious! Can't believe he is that old!

  2. Awww kindergarten is such a monumental year for a child. He will have so much fun!


    1. It is a huge year. I was sitting here trying to remember my kindergarten year and all I remember was a nap!! :)

  3. Stopping by from the linkup. Love the Scriptures!! And I am adding those Oreos to by grocery list. So cute!!!

    1. Misty! thank you for stopping by! Jagger loved the oreos...they were for sure a hit! I'm thinking about sending some to class! ;) Have a blessed day!