Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What We Eat!

Today I thought I would talk about something else since I am pretty sure I have done blog overload on Beth Moore! I will give you a break and talk about one of my favorite things: FOOD!! If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time then you know I love food! There are times I have to pray about it because I love it so much! I have to really watch myself! I know you are laughing but its the goodness truth! I also enjoy getting to see what others have in their pantry so I am going to share mine!

I can honestly say that I am jealous of people who have real pantries! I just have cabinets and it drives me crazy! I feel like I can't ever get them organized. Stuff is just throw in and hoped to goodness it doesn't get squished or fall out when you open the door! Typically, every couple of months I will take some time to get everything back in order!  This picture shows excactly what I am talking about....enter the lazy susan! These drive me nuts! I use ours to store most of our can goods on the bottom then other random things on top! My Jagger is a huge nutella eater! I swear he should be the poster child for the stuff! and he has to have it on BUNNY bread! Heaven forbid I bring home something other than bunny bread for him!
 This is a cabinet that I store all my "lunch box" stuff. I put all my ziploc bags here. I do keep them organized in this handy little bin. I also keep "extra" stuff on the top shelf. Extra apple juice, popcorn oil, napkins, snacks,etc!
 This side of the cabinet is cereal and I have some of my bigger platters stored here. My favorite cereal is the Kashi Go lean crunch and the other day I found the Aldi brand...taste just the same but much cheaper! Jagger with his cocoa puffs! ;)
 This cabinet is up top and it does scare me at times with stuff falling out! I have tried and tried to organize but it doesn't happen! The two containers on the bottom shelf are all "snacky" stuff....peanut butter crackers, beef jerky, gushers, etc.....and yes that is a huge bag of reece's and kit kats! at least they are the mini size! It does help with cravings!
I always use whole wheat noodles and brown rice when cooking!! Better for us! 

and who can go wrong with peanut butter! I have also started using Almond Butter! So yummy!

Time to move on to the refrigerator and freezer!
I also try really hard to keep my frig neat and tidy but normally that doesn't happen either. I am not sure why this happens? As you can see we have several types of milk. Hudson drinks whole. We all drink 2% and then I always keep Almond Milk for my cereal or coffee! and sometimes it is just a nice change! We also have apple juice hiding back there somewhere!

 I love this guacamole. It is so good for a quick snack! Yummy!

 Here is our lunch meat drawer! We do love lunch meat but we are turkey eaters! All the rest of this is ham slices that I cook up for breakfast and turkey hot dogs! Did you know these are only $1.00 a package and are better for you than real hot dogs!

 I do keep lunchables for Jagger to snack on. A lot of times he will eat the crackers and meat for a snack! They are just so convenient! under those are celery- matthew loves for a snack, carrots, and some other veges!
 My all time favorite yogurt! It is so good....the Vanilla is the best and this yogurt is good for your stomach!
 Here are the orange danish rolls I have talked about before! A staple in our family!
Deep Freeze: I love this thing but it stays full and at times I wish I had a stand up one just so I can see what we have!!
 I love using ground turkey! Pretty much use it in everything that calls for ground beef and if I find it on sale then in the freezer you go!
 I was very hesitant to use the sweet potato fries because honestly I am not a sweet potato person but I am trying to find any way possible to get my family to eat vegetables.......these did the trick! My boys are very picky- all 3 of them...I cooked these last night and just told them they were a different brand! They loved them. After supper I broke it to them that they had sweet potatoes! They could not believe it! Thank you Ore Ida!
 My kids love popsicles! and so does mama on these super hot days!
 I normally use fresh chicken but this is super handy to have when you are in a hurry! Its already cooked and all you do is warm it up!
 Frozen hashbrowns: my family can eat this whole thing! We love potatoes...Hudson eats one almost every morning!
 Stouffer's you have saved me from several Pinterest meals that failed! I like to keep these on hand for back up plan!
 and lastly mama's secret snack!!! This stuff is the bomb dot com!!! Thats all that needs to be said!

Well that is all I have for you! Today is Taco Tuesday at our house and we are thinking about taking it Taco Bell tonight to provide our Tacos! Tonights movie: Muppets Most Wanted!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. I literally have 3 boxes of bomp pops In my freezer lol!

  2. My husband and I are vegetarians so our freezer is almost always empty (unless I'm freezing veggies for some reason). My cabinets are pretty bare too unless there is bread, quinoa, oatmeal, rice or pasta in there. My fridge is where it's at! Full of fruit, veggies, cheese, eggs, milk, and other stuff. That's it though. We're pretty boring eaters. You'd hate my kitchen.