Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our World!

I have said it several times and will keep saying it...I LOVE our new routine!!! It makes this OCD/type A personality very happy! Everyone in my family has been happy. There has not been a lot of whining and just out of control situations! I am almost positive it is because we are getting real sleep! Sleep that we have needed for 6 years!

I have always loved to see how other people spend their day, so I am going to give you a small run down of how our days have been going!!
5:30-6:30 : Mama awakes from her much need beauty sleep! Instantly go to the bathroom, and then turn on the coffee pot! While I am waiting on coffee to start, I get a load of laundry going! Once my coffee is ready, its alone time with my Heavenly Father! This is such precious time for me because the house is quite, and its my opportunity to get "ready" for the day!

6:45- Matthew wakes up and he carries the sleeping big brother to the couch! I turn on Curious George and this give brother a chance to slowly wake up while watching his favorite cartoon!

7:00- baby brother is standing in his crib yelling for someone to come get him! This is where the madness starts. Matthew hops in the shower to start getting ready. Jagger is awake and I have some type of small breakfast ready for the boys. Breakfast is nothing special because Jagger has been eating at school. (The school has a really neat program, where they offer breakfast in the room for everyone. they all eat together in their classroom and so far he has said he eats all of it!) So while Hudson is running around playing, Jagger is eating and watching his cartoon, Mama starts on the lunchbox!
I have been so excited about his lunchbox. Everyday it has been a surprise for him. I am trying to put stuff I know he will eat! I am not on this huge healthy food kick for him because really right now, my main goal is to get him to eat!
Today was solider sandwiches...

Yesterday was Dinos.....I enjoy doing it and it makes it even better knowing that he opens his lunchbox with a smile!

7:20- get clothes on for school, hair brushed and teeth brushed!
7:30-7:40- out the door!! and drive to school

8:00- Hudson and I are typically back home by this time! I have been getting home and putting the laundry in dryer then starting a new load. I make all the beds and straighten up from the morning.

8:30- walk! The last several days we have been going for a walk with my friend, Tiffany. We have been walking around 3 miles a day! This has been excellent for me and it makes me feel so good!

9:40- home! Sitting down for a few minutes to wind down from walk!

10: get on computer! This is my computer/ blogging time! I get caught up on all my reading. I send emails. I write my post for the day! I look retail website, etc. pretty much anything that needs to be done on the computer! Hudson plays while I am doing this or on certain days he has therapy so this would be when he does therapy!!

11:00-11:30 : figure out lunch! Thankfully on Monday I prepared a whole week worth of lunches! I did a meal prep and am so glad I did. I cooked all the food then sorted it out in proportions for each day! When lunch time comes I take out a container, pop it in microwave and then enjoy a healthy lunch!   example: grilled chicken breast, couscous, and green peas or broccoli        taco meat, black beans and brown rice!!

12:00 : eat lunch! 
12:20 : Hudson naps!! He is ready to lay down for a nap and this does vary depending on what we have going on for that day!

The rest of the afternoon until 2 is spent cleaning up the house and preparing for supper! I finish most of the laundry and then I even have a few minutes to read my book or respond to emails!

2:45- pick up brother from school!

3:00- home and enjoying brother!

4:30- daddy home from work! and getting ready for supper!

5:30- supper time! Amen dig in!  This is such an important time of the day for us! We all sit down at the table together. No tv. No distractions! We all talk about a day and discuss what is going on! When we get done with our food, I have been using this time to read our daily bible reading! I figure this a time that we are not yet sleepy so we are paying attention and we are all together with no distractions! It has really been a great thing for us!!

6:00- supper is done and we are cleaning up!

6:30- outside time for a bit!

7:30- bathtime!

8:00- time to wind down, eat a quick snack, brush our teeth, watch one last cartoon

8:30-8:45- asleep!!!

After the kids are in bed, Matthew and I will sit down and watch a movie or like last night we passed out in bed! This has been such a great time for us because we can actually spend time with each other.
Our day is full but I love it! I feel so blessed that  I can stay home with my kids and do things for Jagger while he is at  school! I know that everyday will not be like this because we will have different things going on but I know I can adjust and prepare accordingly!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday!
 Lots of love..


  1. I LOVE the routine too! I am more busy yet can get so much more accomplished!!!

  2. What a routine, I admire that. I love routine..who doesn't. I am trying to sort out my daily routine now. I wish I had soldier sandwhiches in my lunch!

    1. Thank you! I have always loved a good routine but never really had one we went by! It has been amazing!

  3. I'm DEFINITELY a routine person, and I imagine I will have to create something similar when I have kids. And those dino sammies…how adorable!


    1. Thank you...the sandwiches were a success! He ate all of it! :)

  4. Replies
    1. I agree! Our family has functioned better in the last week than we have in several years!