Saturday, July 2, 2011

Already Celebrating!

So if you are married then you know how holidays can get! We have to split our time between families and sometimes it gets stressful but we do what we can! Last night, we started our 4th of July celebration! After Matt, got off work we went to spend some time with my family! But first we stopped and ate dinner with my awesome friend Denise and her hubby, Ron! They are great! Jagger thinks they are so funny! When we finished our quick supper (which was not quick because Denise and I like to talk ;)! ) we headed to my grandma's to see the family! Jagger was so excited because he knew he was going to get to see his Poppie and Bennie! Once we got there, Jagger was ready to start shooting fireworks even though it was still daylight! :) He has no patients! Everytime we see mom and dad they have all kinds of goodies for Jag! - He is not spoiled at all!- I think I was more excited about his goodies this time then he was!
YAY!!! Its a Razorback sock monkey! Two of my favorite things! Jagger loves him- He is sleeping with him right now! Better not take this one around the rest of the family ;)

We love books!!!! It is my favorite thing for Jagger to have! I don't care if his room is busting at the seams with books!
This book is perfect for me because I love the Pioneer Woman! She is one of my favorite blogs and her cookbook is one of my new favs! Bennie also got Jagger two movies, and a hat- which he has been wearing ever since! Good job Bennie! Oh, and you forgot to write in the book :(
So, anyways, after checking out the goodies it was almost time to shoot fireworks! YAY!!
Waiting patiently!

Time to watch the fire!- that is what he called it! ;)

Starting with sparklers!

He loved them!

Those snakes are SO exciting let me tell you! Watch out!

Watching poppie do the big ones!!!
After our super exciting night of fireworks, we got up today and went to down to my uncles farm and hung out for awhile! I have grown up on this farm! We have always spent our summers there! We would swim, ride 4-wheelers, camp, shoot fireworks, and eat tons of food!

Checking out the creek with Poppie!

Walking down to the water!
It has been a great weekend already and we still have two days left! I am very excited about church tomorrow and then just getting to enjoy the day with my family! Hope you are having a blessed start to your holiday weekend!!!

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  1. I will write in his book. I thought about it once and then forget it. I should haven worn something differnt today did not know i would be on your blog. We enjoyed spending time with you guys!! love you. Bennie