Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that Jagger and I are getting to spend time with my mom and dad! He loves his Bennie and Poppie!

hahahah...he was playing "T-Rex"!!! the puppies were running from him!

I'm Loving what I bought for Jagger today!
 His new Toms!! and a super cute Life is Good Shirt! I love the Life is Good shirts for kids..they are awesome!

I'm Loving my 2 great buys since I have been here!

Got these and another pair for 1.99!

PEACOCK Pillow!! Yay! 7.00 on clearance at Pier 1!
I'm Loving Cream Soda! I have been addicted to it since 4th of July! (Devon if you are reading this..I saw on your blog where you had your first experience with it the last weekend! It is so yummy! I get the bottles from Wal-Mart..they are amazing!!!)

I'm Loving Pinterest! This is the most addicting thing ever! Do you pinterest?

Its a great way to bookmark things you love!

I'm Loving my Heavenly Father and everything he has blessed me with! He is super wonderful!

and of course...I'm LOVING my wonderful hubby and sweet baby boy!
Link up with Jamie and tell us what you love! Hope you have had a blessed Wednesday!!


  1. Your little guy is too cute and I love his name! Happy Wednesday:)

  2. Those baby Toms are adorable! :)

  3. Just came across your blog from Texas Tanners' "Tuesday Ten" post (Michelle is the sweetest)! I am LOVING your blog design! :) And your family is absolutely precious! I'm a new follower! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love that someone else loves pinterest! I'm kind of more than obsessed :) You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!