Monday, July 11, 2011

What You May Not Know!

I love learning new stuff about people! and especially when it is things you would not except! I have learned over the past few years that there are so many things we do not know about people! Its truly shocking how we all go through the same things in life! So here are some things about me...some are funny..some are serious...some you may not know!! Who knows??? :)
* I am an only child! and I am the only grandchild on both sides!! CRAZY huh? I know you are thinking I am super spoiled but I am far from that! I am very happy that my parents taught me to be humble and know what its like to work for things! I enjoy being an only but there are times it makes me very sad....A year ago very soon we lost my grandpa....tears thinking about it..  my daddy is an only child...and going through all that was tough...he does have step brothers that were there with him..but I think when the days happens that my parents are gone I will be all alone...I have always said that I will have more than one child because of that reason! I never want them to be alone!

* I have a horrible temper! -not proud of this and I have truly been working on this! My mom says I have a "Bennett" temper...My grandpa was known for his bad temper! Mine is not that bad...but it is something that God has dealing with me on! I have really learned to just keep my mouth shut and thoughts to myself!
* I talk to myself! hahah...I am not sure where this came from....Now..please don't think I am weird and that I just sit around and carry on conversation with myself! It is not like that...I just talk to myself! I always have...Things like...Ok..whats for supper?   Megan, don't forget the milk......Oh my goodness where did that come from?  just random things!
* I am bad about taking things personal! I don't mean to but I get my feelings hurt alot over things that I shouldn't! Matt is working with me on this one! :) I have never been one to handle joking too good! Matt is a big joker so it has taught me to chill out and laugh about things!
* I have always been a people pleaser and done almost anything to get people to like me!(sounds horrible now that I think about it...I never did bad things to make people like me.) I have always cared about what people think about me (everyone does)! I never want anyone to think bad things about me...The past few years have been tough on me because I know that there are several people who do not like me and it has killed me...It has really been hard on me...and the main reason is because I do not know what I have done....but the one good thing I have learned is that it doesn't matter what these people think! I know that God loves me and there are plenty of other people out there who love me and want to be around me...All I can do is be myself and pray for them!!! I will not let them take my happiness away!
* I Love music!!!! I have always loved music! I am so happy I married someone that can play the guitar and sing to me!!!! I am not good at instruments but many people are surprised at my music knowledge!! I think I even surprise my parents at times! I was raised on classic rock and country (George Strait, Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, etc) and blues!...I can remember being 3 or 4 in the living room and my dad listening to Van Halen! It would be so loud that the wall were shaking! My good friend Denise always laughs at what music I listen too!!! She thinks I should have been born in the 1970's! My ipod has anything from Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Chris Tomlin, UB40, Rolling Stones ( Jaggers name!), Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Switchfoot, Pearl Jam, Jason Aldean, AC/DC, Casting Crowns, to name a few!!! but no matter what....Eric Clapton says it well...."Ive got a rock n roll heart"!!
*This is so random and weird...but I am one of those that if I am not pouring sweat when I workout I do not feel like I have gotten a workout! I like to sweat! Gross huh? Matt and I are still doing good on our workout! I have not been running because of my knee...but tonight I jogged for a few minutes and it didn't hurt!! YAY! I walked a mile and a half...then did the elipitcal for 30 minutes! Yes..I was pouring sweat! ;)
*This one is tough and kind of hard for me! I use to spend so much time worrying about what I looked like...what I was wearing had to be perfect.. my hair had to be perfect...make-up on to a "t" was horrible...I was so consummed in my looks.....teeth, shoes, purse, working out all the time to make sure I was in shape.....I hate to admit this but I know this is something that God has worked on with me! I am a stay-at-home mom now so I hardly ever put on make-up..I don't care what people think about how I look....I want them to care about my insides! I truly belive this is one reason God had a purpose for me to stay home! He wanted me to learn about myself and figure out that I was not defined by the job I had or the way I looked..its about my heart!
* I have always been horrible with money!!!! until Matt and I got married! He has taught me so much about being responsible with money! The girls I use to work with would laugh at me because I never balanced a checkbook..really didn't know how..I would just chunk all my receipts...It really wasn't funny! When Matt and I got married..I had about 8,000 in credit card debt! Yes...I am not proud of it! at all! It all started in college when I applied for a card and got a 5,000 dollar limit???? Seriously..someone should contact these credit card companies..that is so stupid! and the bad thing is I had full intention when I would get something to pay it off immediately..because I had good jobs..but you know how that goes???? I honestly had nothing to show for any of it! alot of clothes..that did not fit me after I got pregnant!!!! This was a very hard lesson for me to learn! I was very ashamed of it and hated that I brought this to our marriage! Matt was so good at just telling me its ok and that we would make it! I love him so much! Now...I am the tight one in the family! hahhah the roles have turned! Its amazing how we can change!
* another random! my 2 dream cars.....

1977 Firebird Trans-Am! unexpected huh? well I guess this car is special to me...It brings back memories of watching Smokey and The Bandit with dad! and plus its just a gorgeous car!!!

Oh my!!! I love this car! When I was little we had two corvettes and I have always wanted mom and dad to get another one! They are so gorgeous! and I want the old model ones!  One of ours looked just like this one...Am I right mom?
* I have OCD when it comes to cleaning!! My house stays clean at all times! I remember living at home when I was in high school and my room was always clean! All my stuff has to organized...i don't like clutter.....this can be good and bad! this is the Virgo in me! We are known for being organized!! I think it drives Matt crazy sometimes!
Ok!! I am finally getting tired! I know this was a strange post but I hope you enjoy and learn something new about me!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!


  1. I love random posts like this- I feel like I can get to know people better that way!
    I'm the same way about working out. If I don't feel sore after doing the same workout a few days in a row, or sweat a lot while doing it, I probably won't do that same workout ever again, lol!

  2. Megan, I love this post. I love learning new things about people as well and girl you sound just like me hahaha!

  3. Megan, I did learn things about you I didn't know. Great Post. I want you to know that I think you are one of the prettiest girls. One of the best things about you is that your heart is even more beautful than your face (and that is saying a lot). Thanks for sharing and opening yourself up.