Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Jagger Has Taught Me!

When you become a parent so many things change! You do things completely different than what you think or say! Its one of those things you just have to experience to understand. I have learned so much from Jagger! Its amazing how much we can learn from our kids if we would just watch and listen!
Here are a few things I have learned!
* Quit worrying about so much.....the only thing that matters is family, food and sleep! (Jagger is learning about Jesus right that will be in his list soon!) all the other stuff let God take care of it!
* Chocolate makes everything better! Even if it gets alittle messy!

* Stop over analyzing stuff! Just take things as they are!
* If someone makes you mad, forgive and forget as fast as you get mad! (Jagger never stays mad at anyone for very long!)
* enter every situation with the mind of a child! It will make things alot more entertaining! I have learned to chill out about so many situations and to just find humor in things!
* Hugs and cuddle time are always important! (Cuddling with Jagger is one of my favorite things!)
* do not judge anyone and trust is important also!
* it doesn't matter what you look matters what is on the inside! Jagger could care less what I look like he just knows that I am mommy and he loves me!

Jagger, thank you for teaching mommy so many awesome things! I know we have many more years to learn from each other! I pray that I will always be a good mommy that you are proud of! I love you very much!

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