Saturday, July 23, 2011


Growing up I had lots of friends but as far as hanging out and super close there was only two! They were my best friends in the whole wide world and we did everything together! Sarah Whaley and Amy Kurck! Sarah and I go all the way back to elementary school! Me and Amy have a funny store! In middle school she did not like me because the guy she liked, liked me! ahhahahha....we laugh about it now! but then out of now where we became best friends! She has been like a sister to me ever since! We have been through it all together - boyfriends, breakups, college, marriage, and now babies! I love her so much and it makes me sad that she is so far away!
While we were at mom and dads we got to go visit and spend some time with her and the baby! Amaya is now 3 months...I haven't seen her since she was born! She is precious....and even Jagger loved her!
and of course I had to take her a "prize" as Jagger calls it!
Silver Toms !!!!!
Every girl needs a pair of sparkly Toms!!!
Giving Amaya her Grover he picked out all by himself!!

fascinated with the swing!

so sweet!

trying to get a picture of them!!!


watching Jagger!
We had a blast...can't wait to go back and spend time with them!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed  HOT Saturday!!!!

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