Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Today I have alot of random loves!!
I'm loving this new nailpolish!! As soon as I got home from buying it I used it and now I'm in love!!! I have always been an OPI girl but I am really loving the Essie polish!

I'm Loving that I finally found a new purse!!! I have had the hardest time finding one and have been looking for about 3 months!!! TJ Maxx- you never let me down! ;)
I got another one but I'm saving it for fall!!!

I'm Loving this shampoo!!!! Thanks Char Char for introducing me!

I'm loving that we are completely redoing our master bedroom! I am so excited....we are painting the lights, curtains, all to come when it gets done but I found a super awesome picture frame last night at Target that I think will go great...but if not it will look good in our living room!

i know the picture is camera was acting dumb..but you get an idea!
I'm loving that I am sitting here listen to my amazing talented husband play the guitar and sing to me!! ;)

I'm loving my cheap earrings I found at Wal-Mart!!! 4.88!!

I'm Loving that God is always here for me no matter what! and he always seems to surprise me when I least expect it!! I love him so much and am excited what he has in store for me and my family!

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you love!!! Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!!!


  1. You got some great loves today!

    And I am so jealous of your singing hubby!! Lucky thing you!!!

  2. I've never seen that brand of shampoo, although I did use that brand of volumizing mousse. I'll have to look for it! Love the picture frame and can't wait to see what your bedroom looks like!