Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship With "The Bootheel"!

 I am laying here in bed watching one of my favorite movies, The Blind Side! suffering from another stupid sinus infection! If you have ever had a sinus infection you know that it is awful! This one started about a week and a half ago and I thought I would just ignore it and try to get it with over-the-counter meds! Nope not happening this time! So after almost two weeks of suffering and it getting worse...I have decided I will be at the doctor first thing in the morning!
So, you are probably wondering about the title to this post and why in the world? am I talking about sinus infections! brings me to my point! This sinus infection is part of the reason I have a love/hate relationship with the area of  the state that I now call home! The wonderful Bootheel of Missouri!
Many people do not know what the bootheel is....its the Southern part of Missouri that looks like a boot!!
I have not figured out why we are part of Missouri because we are about 5 miles from the Arkansas state line???but oh well! It is what it is!
Ok...back to the love/hate! As I am sitting here I started thinking about all the reason I have for this love/hate relationship!
* I love that it is the hometown to one of my favorite singers!!!

Sheryl Crow!  I Hate that I have not got to meet her! When I first moved here I was obsessed with trying to find her but Matthew told me to chill out and not embarrass I thought I better stop! but I have got to see her in concert and it was amazing!!! * I Love the small town thing! I have always loved small towns....and wanted my kids to grow up in a small town! I Hate that there is not much opportunity and you have to drive 30 minutes to an hour to do anything!!!
* I Love that this is a farming community!! Matthews grandpa is a farmer and I love it!! This area has the yummiest watermelon and some of the most beautiful cotton you will see!!!

I Hate that all this wonderful farming gives me the worst sinus infections ever!!!! I have never had sinus problems until I moved to the Bootheel! The first sinus infection I had I seriously was laying in bed crying telling Matthew I needed to go to the hospital because I thought I had a brain tumor or something horrible! Once, I got to the doctor and told him what was going on..He smiled and said, "Welcome to the Bootheel!" The sinus problems are caused by all the chemicals in the air from the farming! So when they are planting and picking- guess what? I along with many others get sick!

*I love the amazing BBQ we have here in town! It is so yummy! I craved it everyday during my pregnancy! I Hate that all we have is BBQ, mexican resturant and fast food! I get tired of this again we have to drive for something different!

*I Love that I have met some of the most amazing people here that will forever be apart of my life! I thank God everyday for them! (You know who you are!)
I Hate that this is kind of a tough town to move into and meet people (no offense to anyone)

*I Love that during the months leading up to September (Delta Fair time) all you hear about are these Tyrone Hamburger! ( I never understand what this was all about! People from this town...LOVE them some Delta Fair!!!...I love it!)
I Hate that during this week of the fair I tend to gain about 5 pounds from all the amazing food! I seriously make myself sick on all the food! Omgoodness.....I am a Fair food junkie!

and last but not least...I Love this town because it is the "home" of my wonderful husband and his sweet family! It is nice to have family living close! - I do miss my family and wish I could see them more! but at least we are not too far!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!


  1. Awww, I feel your pain- I have a sinus infection right now too... I don't think I've had one in YEARS! It's probably this horrible weather in the Midwest! Feel better soon, and enjoy all of that yummy fair food! :)

  2. I came across your blog and loved reading about the bootheel. I'm from Springfield and it just seems like a whole other world to me. In my head I read your entire post in a very southern accent.
    You have a beautiful family!