Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Super Hot!

Today was just super hot!!! It was awful! Even Jagger was saying, "Sun stop!" hahaha....I stood outside for about 5 minutes today after I got out of the pool and was drenched in sweat!
Our day has been fantastic...we didn't do anything special but you know those are sometimes the best days!
This morning was very lazy! Just laying on the couch and watching cartoons! Once we got up and around I got my Wal-Mart list together so we could get some groceries! Jagger was so good in Wal-Mart..he didn't even ask for anything! I was so proud of him! After we got our groceries home, we went swimming! Oh my goodness...it was so hot! The water in the pool felt like bath water! We didn't stay in the pool long....I didn't want Jagger to get too hot! Once we got home, it was time to have a snack! One of our favorite snacks is Cheese!! We are cheese eaters!
This cheese is so good!!!!! One of our favorites!

Enjoying his snack! ;)
After our snack and relaxing..it was time for Daddy to be home! Once Matt got home from work, I went for my walk and part jog then did the eliptical...I was so soaked!! YAY- i know I got a good one in today...but part of it was the heat!
We went and ate dinner at Matt's mom...it was super yummy! She soaked chicken in dressing then grilled it! Yummo! When we got done with supper she kept Jag so we could come home and work in the yard! Our house was starting to look vacant...it was time to mow! The yard has been growing so fast! We mow it then two days later it needs to be mowed again! blah! The joys of summer! While Matt mowed, I picked weeds! Jagger came home and helped us! He loves to ride his John Deere around and pretend he is mowing!
and tonight while he was "mowing" he talked to Poppie on the phone!

Love you poppie!
All of us were so nasty after working the yard..but our yard looks great! I am very happy! Now we are all clean and it is time for bed!
thanks for all the super nice comments on my post from last night! they are truly appreciated!
Hope you had a blessed super hot Tuesday!

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  1. Sounds like ya'll had an awesome day! That little John Deere is adorable!