Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So, a few months ago I started seeing tons of stuff on a website called VocalPoint! I decided I would check it out! It is super cool and I was hooked immediately! Its a website that promotes new products and people get on there and tell what they think about them! I love hearing about new products! ;) After reading up on the website and seeing that I could get coupons and free samples I knew I had to join! Had to explain, now on to the point of this!!
 This last Saturday as we were pulling in our driveway I noticed the mailbox was open! I got Jagger out of the car while Matthew checked the mail because we were wondering what was in the mailbox! I was shocked when I saw what it was! It was a box from VocalPoint!!!! and it was a free full size container of a new laundry product for me to try!Yes...I said Free and Full size!! That never happens so Yay! I was excited...you would have thought it was Christmas! The product is Downy Unstopables! It is a in-wash scent booster!

Its AMAZING! At The Cohn house laundry is done pretty much on a daily basis! I love to find stuff to make my laundry smell good!! You just shake alittle of this into the washer before you add the detergent- super easy! Do you have any special products you like for laundry!? Give this one a try! I know you will like it! ;)

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  1. I have seen everyone of the bargain bloggers talk about Vocalpoint but haven't signed up yet. What's the 411?