Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh my!

Oh my!! That is how I feel right now! I am so sore I can't hardly move! I have had two days of non - stop going! Friday, we went  to the zoo and it was amazing! We had the best time! The weather was perfect! Jagger was scared of all the animal! hahah...he liked them but did not want to get close to them! It was funny! ;) We walked around for over 4 hours straight! Yes, I was sore by the time we got done!
Yesterday, we got up early and stayed outside all day! The weather was AWESOME!!! Thank you God for the beautiful weather! We worked in the yard ALL day! I got my garden all ready to go! Yes, I said garden! I do have a garden and I enjoy it! Its fun! hard work but fun! We got all the junk out of the yard...i work in the flower beds while matthew did the yard! The zoo and yard work did me in! but our yard looks great! I am so ready for summer!
One more thing! I need some major prayers! I am working so hard to pay off a dumb credit card I have! I would suggest NEVER getting started in credit cards! I was dumb and got one in college and it all went down hill after that! I have for sure learned my lesson! This is one that I will not let Matthew pay on. It is just me working and using my money to pay on it! God has taught me a hard lesson about all of this! I know I can do it...I am so close! but I need the prayers! ;) Credit card debt has always been hard for me to talk about because it is almost like I have been in denial about it! I have come along way from where I was! I am so glad that I have a husband who has taught me about money, and how important it is to manage money and don't buy things if you don't have the money to buy it! Matthew is hard core about money! - guess that is the banker coming out in him!

Pictures from zoo!! I am not putting all of them because there were alot of animals and you have all seen the animals!! ;)

We had so much fun at the Zoo! We can't wait to go back!!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!

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