Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter- Part 1!

Easter is almost here!!! I love Easter! It is such a special day! It is the day that Jesus rose from the dead!!!! So exciting! I do feel at times we forget what this Holiday is truly not just about the awesome outfits, baskets, candy, and eggs! Its about Jesus!
I do have to say that I love all the other things that do come along with Easter! I get so excited finding Jagger an Easter outfit!!! I had a really hard time this year going back and forth on several outfits...but this is what I found and am happy with ...
Just a button down and will pair with navy blue slacks!!! He will be so handsome!

I will for sure post pictures tomorrow!!!
I want to make sure that I teach Jagger the true meaning of Easter, and I think it is great there are so many fun, cute things to buy that teach them! I found this book at the Christian Bookstore....
Its not his first Easter, but it is such a cute book I had to get it!

If you are looking for a cute Easter book, you should check this one out....and I also heard that What is Easter? is a great book for little ones! Sometimes I think they are good for "big ones" too!!! ;)
Jagger and I  watched the Veggie Tales Easter movie the other day! It is called Twas, The Night Before Easter! It is super cute! I would suggest it also!

Twas the Night Before Easter
 I was thinking if it is raining tomorrow we will hunt eggs inside, read our books and watch our Easter movie!
Those are some of my suggestions for Easter? What are some cute things you found for Easter! Tomorrow I will post Jaggers Easter basket, and what the Easter Bunny brought him!!! ;)

Oh, and also we are the proud family of two new baby chicks!!! Yes, we are! Most of you are probably thinking we are crazy and we probably are, but we are parents, we are suppose to get suckered into these things, right???
Well, I better get off here and  fulfill my role as the Easter Bunny! ;) and plus I am getting up super early for the sunrise service at church!!!
Hope everyone has a great Easter Eve!!!

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