Tuesday, April 12, 2011


so, today has been stressful but I am surviving! Matthew came home from work throwing up, fever, and all that junk! jagger is still scratching and uncomfortable! I am tired from having to get up every couple of hours to give medicine, and we still have no air!! but I know we are going to make it out of this "storm"! We will probably look back and laugh about all this! ;) On a happy note, I am going to talk about obsessions! Some people call it obsessions, others call it a fetish! I even call it favorites, or collections! I have several and they are so random!!!!!!! I love hearing about what other people love!
Ok, here we go......don't make fun ;)

1. coffee creamers!!!! I love creamer....I have six in my house right!!! I am weird but I can't help it!

I stress everyday because I can't decide which to use!
2. coffee mugs! I have so many that Matthew gives me the "look" when I bring home another! I just can not contain myself! Its strange because even though I buy them, I still have my favorites! The mood I am in that day usually determines what mug I use ;)

This is not even half of them..these are just a few I use on a daily basis! I think we have about 30 mugs!!! hahah
3. napkins...this one is almost embarrassing! I LOVE decorative paper napkins! Seriously don't make fun! I can't get enough! I keep them stock-piled! Matthew really thinks this is weird! I have napkin holders so I feel like I need cute napkins to keep out!


Current Napkin holder!!! Love this!

yes, I even keep them in the bathroom!!! ;)

4. stationary! and this is not just paper.....this includes cards, wrapping paper and gift bags! I have so much of this stuff its insane!!!! I love being able to have cool stuff to put together a gift, and I always keep cards on hand because you never know! I could not take pictures because it would take me forever to get it all out!!!!

Glad I could share this all with you!!! Hope you don't think I am strange! ;) Tell me your obessions/fetishes/collections/loves/favorites!!!!
Hope you have a blessed night!

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