Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yucky Night!

Storm back. I hear it. Scare me!!! This is what Jagger said about last night!! The weather last night was getting a little crazy! I have been praying for all the people from North Carolina, Alabama, and many other places. I know that they had a rough weekend. I am so glad that no one, that I know of got hurt last night! All of these storms are reminding me of the year 99. We had tornadoes in Searcy everyday!!!! It was awful. I was terrified. I think I was in the 6th grade! We had so many that my dad finally got us a storm shelter, and since he worked nights, me, mom, and the cat would sleep in the storm shelter many nights! That is how bad the weather was! I would pack up my backpack with all my "special" stuff! hahahha (how much special stuff can a 6th grader have? It was probably pictures, some type of nintendo thing, journal, books, etc.) and then we would go into the shelter! It was just a bad year for storms!

Not much going on at our house today! I have been doing some cleaning the last few days. When I say that I am cleaning, that does not mean straightening up. I am going through things and throwing away! I am bad about throwing things away! I just can't handle stuff piled up. Does anyone else go through this? I have got boxes piled up that need to go in the attic, stuff to go to Helping Hands, and a consignment pile! I need to get busy and get them to the places!

So- yesterday I was talking about extreme couponing. I did alot of research last night, and learned so much!!! I have got to start getting coupons! People in Kennett- if you have coupons you do not need - I will take them off your hands! My whole idea with this is to give almost all of it away! My family has plenty and with my personality type I can't do the whole hoarding and stockpiling! so I would rather get what my family needs and donate everything else! I think this will be a great thing!

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!!

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