Monday, April 18, 2011

Nothing New!

Nothing new! that is what is going on in The Cohn Family ;) Sometimes I think that nothing new is ok!! That means nothing bad is happening! I am sitting here drinking coffee while Jagger is watching his morning cartoons! He is so into it, he is just zoned out!! makes me laugh! Must be a good cartoon! ;)
We had a good weekend! We went to Dyersburg on Saturday to spend some time with our good friends, Waylon and Stephne. We love going there because our kids play so good together! Matthew and I both love it because we get to have adult conversation while Jagger is being entertained!!
Sunday, we didn't do anything! We are trying to switch out our summer clothes! I love our house but our closet space is limited! We have to put our clothes we are not wearing in the attic! It is a pain! but this time I realized I need clothes! Last year, I gave so much away that now I have nothing to wear! I have been looking but nothing catches my eye! I was in T.J Maxx the other day and tried on about 10 things and NOT ONE looked good! So now I am on a search to find summer clothes for myself!

On, one of the blogs that I read, she was talking about what she eats! I always find this interesting because I want to know what everyone eats! I am a food LOVER so this one is good for me! I tend to get in a "food rut"...I get burned out on certain foods fast!
Here are some of the snacks we love:
This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!

eat these with the hummus!!!!

Matthew and Jagger love these!!!

Put this on a piece of toast!! Yummy!!! yummy! Yummy!!!  you will want to eat it out of jar!

Jagger snack!

these are amazing!! Love them!!! they are spicy and yummy!

these things are so good! great alternative to chips!
We also like fruit and fruit dip, yogurt, and I drink coffee sometimes for my snack!!! hahah...What are your favorite snacks?

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I can eat my weight in hummus! Haha definitely one of my favorite snacks!