Friday, April 22, 2011

Amazing Deals!

ok...sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I have been consumed in other things!!! ;) That's life huh? Nothing has been going that is another reason I haven't posted. I didn't want to bore everyone with abunch of rambling! hahaha
So, the last few days I have been really studying this whole coupon and saving thing! Its taking over my mind! I did go to Wal-Mart the other day and got FREE stuff!!!! Yes, I got FREE stuff! I will post later what I got, so for right now I am loving this coupon thing! I want to tell everyone about a few sites that are totally worth checking out!!!
1. Swagbucks- I found this through several other bloggers and almost all of the coupon ladies use it! for those of you who do not know what swagbucks is a service that offers points and you collect poins then use them for free stuff!!! The main place I get swagbucks is through searching. I use it like Google! After you get so many "swagbucks", you can show for stuff! Everyone talks about the amazon cards that swagbucks do!Amazon cards?? Yes...I will take them ;)  I love Amazon, and spend alot of money on Amazon so this will be great for me! Check it out!
2. Zulily- this one is mostly for moms and babies! This is a site that runs AMAZING deals on clothes and baby stuff and its all designer stuff! You register with the site and then they send you emails telling the sales! I have bought several things on here for dirt cheap!!!! Its awesome! Today, I actually got Jag some of the cutest tee's for summer!! When I say deals- I mean like 60% or more off the original price! and you have to hurry because they only run the deals for a day, so the stuff goes super fast!
3. Quibids- ok this one is tricky!!! I found this in oprah's magazine! anything oprah puts in her magazine I think is pretty safe ;)   This is an auction site where you can get stuff very cheap! You buy bids and then bid one stuff! This is not for everyone....Matthew actually still thinks it is too good to be true, but I finally one a Dirt Devil Car Vaccum- retails for $55 and I got it for 9 CENTS! yes, I'll say it again 9 cents! with shipping it came out to $6.00! I was thrilled! I also won a Leap Frog Video and Camera- I got this for 50 with shipping it came out to about 7 dollars!!! I was jumping up and down!!! Warning- You probably will not get on here and start winning stuff! There is a whole beginners section that I urge you to read if you are going to start this!!! Happy bidding!

What sites do you use to save money????? I love saving money!!!!!!
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

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  1. I'm sure you already know about this, but there are also sites like that have printable coupons and codes for online coupons. Happy shopping. :)