Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter - Part 2!!!

Our Easter was wonderful!!!! The only thing that would have made it better was if I would have seen my parents and my sweet grandma! My morning started off in a panic! I had set my alarm for 5:00am, so that I could get up and go to sunrise service! All I remember is Matthew, patting me and saying, "Megan, don't you need to get up?" I sprung out of bed and looked at my clock-it was 6:30! I was so sad...I had missed the service! I was upset, but I did not let it bother me long because I know things happen!  I wanted to wake Jagger up so he could see what the Easter bunny brought before we went to church! It was so sweet...I went in there and said Jagger....the Easter bunny came last night and left you something! His eyes popped open and he said, "mornin, Presents!!!" hahah! It cracked me up! He never wakes up like that!
So thankful for the Easter bucket Mrs. Milam gave us!!! We love it!

After we did Easter basket, we got ready for church! Jagger was more interested in Easter stuff than getting ready for church! Our service was amazing! We had an Easter Cantata! The music was great! We decided to take Jagger into church with us since it was Easter and we wanted to sit as a family! (we normally don't take him to big church because he tends to yell out stuff such as Pa Don, Tractors, and whoever he sees he will yell their name! I always want to crawl under the seat I am so embarrased! so we never take him in! ) I thought this service would be different since it was all music! So we go in get seated, and he does great! Until he sees Cheryl (Gigi) walking in, and he yells GIGI!!!!!! Oh my here we go!!! So we get him quite from that and then he sees Grandma Betty.....she gets seated..and remember now we are in the middle of Brother Ed talking and Jagger decides he needs to tell Grandma Betty about the chickens! and there are 4 people in between he is talking loud! I was about to die! I decide we should pull out the crayons to keep him entertained!! WRONG!!! He then wants to tell Matthew to draw tractors and combines with the green crayon! Matthew finally decides it is best to take him out! So as they are walking out, Jagger is telling everyone bye!!!! hahah! Sweet baby!   Well, I have decided we will not be taking Jagger into big church again! We tried, but it is just not for him! ;)
After church, we want to Matthews Grandma and had a wonderful lunch! and then we decorated eggs and did our Easter scavenger hunt! Each person, gets a starting Easter basket with a egg in it. Inside the egg is a clue to the next egg...once you find the last egg, the clue in it leads you to your present!!! It alot of fun! My last clue was    Not "wetter" but????    My present was in the dryer!!  Its funny to watch everyone walking around trying to find their eggs!  After our egg hunt we all took the rest of the day easy! It was a great day!
So sweet! Love this boy!

Getting ready to color eggs!

acting silly! he was playing us all a song!
What are your fun Easter traditions? I love hearing what other people do during Holidays!!!
Hope you have a blessed day!!!

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