Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That Smells Good!!

Ok, so I love home fragrances (candles, sprays, diffusers, etc.)!! I love when you walk into a home or business and it smells amazing!!! I think it just makes you feel good, and it automatically makes a good impression! Sometimes I think a house can be super dirty but if it smells good..then its ok! ;)  buying smell good stuff for my house use to be an obsession but I have gotten better! I have found a few that I really like alot but I love knowing what everyone else uses too!!! Here are some of my favs!
Tyler Candle - Fleur De Lis!  This is amazing!!!

Im normally not into spray but this one is awesome!!!!! Its Febreeze Brazillian Carnival....its really awesome in summer!

Trapp Candles- Wild Currant!!!
 This one is our absolute FAVORITE!! If you walk into my house right now this is what you smell! I get more compliments on this!! It is a Bath and Body Works Oil Burner!! you pour the oil in the top and then light a tea candle in the bottom! It is amazing! We love the Fresh Linen smell! and I know Bath and Body Works is always running sales on these!!! What are you favorites smells for the home?

ok, enough about smells! We finally ordered our air conditioner! Its about time huh? I am really excited to get our bill from this last month because we have gone an entire month without turning on the air..so I am hoping our bill will be cheap! ;)

Please pray for the families in Vilonia Arkansas! The storms last night really did some damage, and I have heard that the downtown was completely distroyed! ;( It makes me very sad, and my heart goes out to them!
May God be with everyone during this stormy season!
Hope you have a blessed day!!!

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