Thursday, April 14, 2011


What a beautiful day!!!! I feel so blessed! Yes, I have had a rough week but I know that God has been beside me the whole time! It is so awesome to see how God works! As you all know our air has been out, but  it has not been hot in our house at all and the weather has turned out nice so we haven't need air! Last night, as I was praying I ask God to please let Jagger sleep better and give me time in the morning to study his word (Jagger has been waking up right in the middle of my study time and I have not been able to finish it) ....well this morning...I got to finish all 3 studies to catch me up! God is working for me! I just have to step back and look!

So, last night I walked into my kitchen and I was shocked!! I completely forgot to put something very important on my collection list!!! MY COOKBOOKS!!! I LOVE MY COOKBOOKS!!! I have tons! I don't have favorites. I love them all! If you ever want to get rid of your cookbooks let me know, I will take them off your hands!!!

Today is going to be a non-eventful day for us! I think we are going to play outside! I got all the laundry done yesterday so there is not much left to do! Last night, we had to get all of our summer clothes out of the attic ( I hate doing this- I will be glad when we have BIG closets!) I have got to get busy finding clothes for Jagger. He has 4 short sleeve shirts! This warm weather came so fast I was not prepared! Ebay here I come! ;)
I need to get off here! Jagger is needing me! ;) Can't wait for bible study tonight! Its going to be great! Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

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