Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yay! Technology! ;)

Hello world!!! This is how I feel! I have been at my sweet Grandma's house for two days now and have had no internet and my phone has been messed up!! Well, she does live so far out in the middle of no where that maybe the problem! ;)
Today, we decided to come to mom and dads house! My Grandma ask me to bring her up here so she could see them, and of course I could not say no! It was also a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone! *see Grandma, Bennie, and Poppa* Jagger is super happy! He is getting all kinds of spoiling! ;)
ok, back to the staying at Grandma's! I love getting to go and see her but Oh MY Goodness....I was bored out of my m-i-n-d! We couldn't go outside because they are having something crazy going on with gnats and they are so bad when you walk outside they start swarming and attacking you!!!! No thanks!! I will stay inside! So, here we are at Grandma's with no internet, can't go outside, least she does have TV... but after 2 hours of TV, I was about ready to pull my hair out!   That first night, Jagger and I were in bed at 7:45!!! The next day when we got up, I told Grandma to get ready because we were going to town! "Town" is about 30 minutes away! (My Grandma lives in a very small town, population of 300, and there is nothing around..we have to drive for everything!) Jagger and I were so excited to go to Wal-Mart! We were like 2 kids in a candy store!!!! We had a good time and I think Grandma was glad to get out also.
Since Grandma lives so far out in the country, there are lots of bugs! I do not do bugs...I can handle them but do not like them! Normally, when I am there I always check the shower for bugs before I get in, but for some reason the other night I did not. I got in the bath looking forward to a nice hot shower and some time to myself! As I am standing there, I look up and there is a HUGE ( and when I say Huge ..I mean Huge)  bug!!! I thought I was going to die! I am thinking it was one of those water bugs! Yuck!  I immediatelty fling the water and just stand there for a minute...The bug has already fallen on the ground somewhere..I can't see it because I am standing in the shower soaking wet...I start screaming for Grandma, hoping she can come and kill it so I can get on with my shower! I am yelling Grandma and of answer! In my mind I am thinking -Ok Megan...You are going to have to get out of the shower ..grab a towel and get out of the're a big can do this!!! I have never moved so fast in my life...I flew out of the bathroom, yelling and jumping up and down! Grandma came into the bathroom and saved the day!! She killed the bug and flushed it down the toilet! Yay...I could finally get on with my shower!  So after all that bug drama and a nice shower..I was ready for bed! We did get a great nights rest! Thank goodness!
So, we are mom and dads and I can enjoy a little bit of time on the internet getting caught up!!
Hope everyone is having a blessed Thursday!!!


  1. Heeheehee, you are crazy. Tell Grandma hello for us, she wasn't home when I stopped by last weekend.

  2. LOL! Girl I'm cracking up!!