Sunday, June 26, 2011


I can't sleep! I hate the nights that I just lay and stare at the ceiling listening to Matt and Jagger snore :)! Tonight is one of those nights! My brain has been racing! Today at church really got me stirred up! It really tested me and got my brain thinking. I have also felt  that God has wanted me to share what was discussed but I admit I really didn't want to. All day I have been having a mental argument with God! Is that weird or do you do that? Finally, tonight he tore me down! I had a huge come to Jesus meeting with myself! I will tell you that I am very secure in my faith! This is something that I am very proud of but I do feel it is something that needs TLC everyday or it is very easy to let it slip, and then you come to find out that you are just playing the part!
So, anyways it all started with Sunday School! Rodney was teaching on the 3rd chapter of Radical~ Seriously if you have not read the need to! but small warning, it will shake you up! He started in on how we get so caught up in the "American Dream" and how the American Dream is all about what we can do for ourselves and how WE can improve our jobs, house, life, etc...but in the American Dream we have forgotten about God!!! We tend to get so caught up in what we can do but if we would step back and let our Heavenly Father take care of it is going to end up 10 times better than how we ever could have done it! I have also learned recently that our God is a jealous God! He wants to be number 1! This one is tough for me (This is hard for me to admit) but I love Jagger, Matthew and my family very much and it is tough to think that God has to be before them!! In the book Radical, the writer even asks if God wanted you to turn away from your family for him, would you?? Wow!
Rodney then goes on to say that if we would just stop trying to fix things and do things for ourselves we would be amazed! and that we have to be sure to love God and make sure that he is first!! after an amazing Sunday School..its time for "big church" (not sure why we call it that but I have called it that my whole life)! The message today was cool because it tied into our Sunday School! Preacher started in with Matthew 24 and the parable of the servants! I really enjoyed this because it was something new to me but the whole reason behind the parable is to show that these servants are ultimately judged by their fruits which were done because of their faith to their master!Preacher explained how our actions are louder than our words! We can sit around and say we are Christians all day everyday but if their are no changes in our lives, or fruits bearing then we are going against the bible! Rodney explained that if we love Jesus and have the faith that we should, then bearing fruit and doing good things will just come naturally because Jesus has come and is residing in us! I love that!  Preacher also asked to look at our lives since accepting Christ and ask yourself several questions...Do you lie? Do you take things from work (office supplies)? Do you get jealous? Are you easy to anger? Do you have attitude? How do you treat others?  Do you gossip? Are you wrapped up in earthly/material things?  If nothing has changed then we should go back and look at our relationship with Christ! All this went together because Rodney also said that when we accept Christ as our Savior there will be change! there is no way you can accept Christ and not have change! I feel this is completely true! I have noticed that things that use to not bother me now really get to me...... Movies ( I can't stand trashy movies), Bad language, Music, ...
Tonight as I spilled it all out to God and really had a heart to heart with him..He pointed out things to me that had to change....It is tough to see things we I am not out doing bad things but sometimes the "flesh" takes over...quick to anger...I let myself get selfish over things....worry......these are my battles!
So....the point in all this to is just to say...don't forget how precious your relationship with Christ is! Don't get wrapped up in earthly things because none of that matters!  What are your actions saying? What fruit are you bearing? Give God the praise and glory for everything- He loves this...It makes him very happy!
I hope that I did not offend anyone with this! I am not pointing fingers and I am not trying to preach ...if anything this is all for for me!! This is what hit at home with me and I just wanted to share it! This is the stuff that got my mind thinking all day!
I love all my readers and pray for all of you!
Have a blessed night! - I am finally tired...hopefully I can fall asleep since I got this off my mind :)

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  1. LOVE this post.

    I am about teary eyed reading it..