Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Ummm...Is it me or is it hot? I think it has finally switched to summer on us! Seriously, I am not a super hot weather kind of girl! I like summer but not this kind of hot!
Today has been a really good day! I officially now have almost completely lost my voice! My throat has been hurting so bad today and then just about 2 hours ago it took a turn for the worse! I am hoping this means I am almost over this junk I have!
This morning we all got up bright and early!! Well, let me explain, my sweet hubby while we were gone decided he should tear the gutters down in the back of the house! Yes, one little section was messed up from the ice storm, but what is it with a man wanting to tear things up! I thought we could just replace the little spot that was messed and be finished, but NO...Matthew decided to rip them down and then decides the boards behind them needs to be replaced! I am just not one who likes to tear things up because then I know we are going to have to spend money to get it fixed! So anyways, this morning he gets up super early to go to Lowes and buy new gutters! As soon as he turned the light on to get ready, Jagger woke up and then we were all up...but that is ok..I had plenty to do! It worked out really well because Jagger worked outside with Matthew while I got laundry and some cleaning done! and I actually made breakfast! We love the Pioneer Woman's breakfast burritos! They are super yummy, if you like breakfast these are a must for you to try!
 It was really cute because Jagger wanted to do everything Matthew was doing, and when I say everything I mean everything! Jagger had his tool belt like his Daddy...He had to have a big boy water jug to drink out of..he stood on the step ladder while daddy stood on big ladder! It was sweet!

Taking a break to eat a quick breakfast!!
Then after all the hard work outside, we had to get ready for a 1st Birthday party! Happy Birthday Brooklee! It was alot of fun but super hot!!! They had the pool and the jumpy blow up thing, that Jagger loves...Matthew and I have honestly thought about investing in one! It is a great babysitter! ;)  After the party, well in the middle of it, Jagger decides he is going to get very cranky, so after Brooklee opened her presents we left! It was so hot we went and got in Grandma Betty's pool! It was amazing! Our friends, Waylon and Stephne came over with their girls! We had a really good time..They are great friends and we are blessed to have them! We just wish we could see them more! Swimming for 2 hours was about all that Jagger could handle! He was exhuasted! We went and ate a quick supper and then when we pulled out of the parking lot of the resturant, Jagger was already asleep! Poor baby...he has had a long day!
While Jagger has been asleep, Matthew cleaned up his mess in the back yard, and I went on a run!! Woohoo...I am proud of myself! We have both been doing really well with the running! I am sad because tonight I could only do 1 mile since my throat was hurting. I wanted to cry it was hurting so bad while I was running. so I thought it would be best to rest!
Now I think Matthew and I are going to sit down and enjoy a quite night with a good movie!!!!
Hope everyone else had a blessed day and didn't get too hot!

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