Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Day In My Life!

So one of the blogs that I read daily, Kelly's Korner, did a post on what she did during her day! I thought it was so cute! Well...Here goes...(sorry my life is probably pretty boring compared to most!)

7:00am- Not normally when I wake up, but this morning we woke up to green skies! Matthew was getting ready for work and told me I might want to get up just in case! About 7:15 I finally roll out of bed, and make my first stop- bathroom! I always have to use the bathroom first thing!!! After my morning bathroom stop I make my way into the kitchen to get my coffee started! As I am making coffee, I am staring at the back door in amazement at the sky! It was so yucky looking! It just had that eerie look to it! The wind was blowing so hard! and since we do not have an awning it got me worried! Stuff was blowing around like crazy!
8:00- Once I get Matt gone for work, I finally get to enjoy my cup of coffee and my morning bible study time! This is my favorite time of the morning!

 No phone, no tv, no Jagger, no husband, nothing but me and God! This morning I sat at the table to do my study so that I could watch the weather! and I had to keep my phone on because we have no TV so my phone is the only way people can let me know about the weather! My study was so good this morning....I really enjoyed it! Coffee, God, and a thunderstorm! Awesome morning!
9:00- Jagger was still asleep so I got some laundry started. It was still storming outside so I decided to go lay down in bed with Jagger and read my book! It was the perfect morning!
9:45- Jagger finally wakes up! He is a sleepy head! He normally doesn't not sleep this late but he did not sleep good last night, so I just let him sleep! He woke up in the best mood! We always lay in bed when he first wakes up and just talk! He loves for me to sing songs to him- Jesus loves me, 3 Little Monkies, This Little Light of Mine, Old McDonald! We also called Grandma Betty to see if she would pick us up at Wal-Mart because I needed to drop my car off for an oil change! We decided to meet at 11:15!
10:30- started getting ready! getting ready today consisted of throwing on some athletic shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops! My hair was curly so I just added alittle more junk to it to revive the curls! I didn't feel like make-up today- just used a little bronzer! After getting myself ready, it is time to Jagger ready! He is super easy! Just put him in some shorts, t-shirt, and sandals, then throw a hat on his head and he is good to go!
11:15- dropped car off at Wal-Mart to get oil change! I think the girl thought I was stupid because I didn't know what kind of oil to put in it! I thought they were suppose to know that???? After dropping, my car off we headed to Grandma Betty's to hang out for awhile! I am glad we got to go over there because the kids are leaving to go back home tomorrow! Jagger is really going to miss them! He has enjoyed having cousins to play with!
11:45- Lunch!! Madness- but we survived! My lunch consisted of a lean pocket and sweet tea! Jagger had fruit loops and chicken nuggets! Strange huh? but hey..if he will eat it I am happy! ;)  We stayed over at Betty's most of the day! The kids played the whole time! I read alittle in my book then helped keep them entertained!
3:30pm- Went to pick my car up! After we picked my car up, Chloe wanted to go home with me and Jagger so she could play! I was so happy because I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for me to get one of my favorite things in the world done........

LAUNDRY!! Blah...yes that was sarcastic! In our house, I swear, when I get all the laundry done it triples!!! I have to do it everyday to keep caught up! but anyways, I was super happy that I got it all folded and put away! Chloe was super awesome playing with Jagger and keeping him entertained!

4:30- Matthew got home from work!!! Jagger loves to see his daddy come in the door from work!
5:00- Went to Grandma Betty's to eat supper and swim! We had a yummy supper of chicken, baked potatoes, and several sides (Grandma Betty always makes alot of sides...so everyone has something they like)! After we ate, time to swim! We swam for several hours! The kids had a blast! It was so fun!
8:30- Headed home! Jagger was exhausted! He played so hard today!
9:30- Jagger watched cartoon, while I did eliptical, and Matthew went for a run!
10:30- took a super long shower!
11:00- picked up house- and sit down with Matthew while he was watching a movie! and now here I am! ;)
Now- Time for bed!!!!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!


  1. Cute little day!!

  2. Wow! I can't believe Jagger sleeps till 9 or after every day. Jackson has been waking up at 6:30 or earlier for the last year or so. I wish I had time to get in some quiet time before J wakes up! Does Jagger take a nap during the day? I love your coffee cup by the way!