Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today has been a busy day for The Cohn family! We have been going non-stop all day and I am ready to get to bed! Matt did not go to work today because I had a yearly female doctor visit and he went with me to help with Jagger! This morning we got up and got ready to head to doctor. My doctor is about an hour away so we decided we would just make a day of it and do some shopping also! We got to town and got some Chick Fil-A for lunch!!! yummo! Jagger always eats all of his food when we go there! He loves it! After we ate we headed over to the mall to do some quick shopping before my appointment! While I was in JC Penneys, Matthew and Jagger went to do their own thing! They are not really into the shopping thing! The only bad thing was that Matt had put his phone in my purse so when I was trying to find them I had no way of getting ahold of them! I just happen to look up and they were on the train!!!!! They both were sticking their head out the door yelling and waving at me...it was precious!! Once they got off the train, I found out that they had been in the toy store and bought all kinds of stuff! Ummmm.. No wonder Jagger likes for Daddy to go shopping with us! I still needed to run in Target, so they decided to play in the playplace! I tried to hurry through Target! Hurry??? Yeah right? Who can hurry through Target? I just get super distracted! I found some really cute stuff today! and all of it was on clearance- makes it even better! So after Target, it was time for the dreaded part of the day- female doctor visit!! Boooo :( I had been praying and talking to God all day about this! If you know me then you know that I have had female problems in the past so going to the OBGYN is not my favorite thing! and its just not fun any way you look at it! We get to the doctor and everything went great! It was so good to see my doctor! She is amazing and she was so shocked at how big Jagger is! She was also giving me some good running tips! I am having major knee problems so I didn't run tonight and I think we are going to buy an Elipitcal! Several people have told me to be super careful with my knees and running because it can cause alot of damage! Any tips or suggestions would be great???? So anyways, after the doctor we went to the best place ever....TJ Maxx....I had to stop in because I had on the cutest shoes but they had rubbed blisters on my feet so they had to go..I thought I could find some in TJ Maxx but I found nothing! I was super bummed out! I went next door to Old Navy and I was glad I did...I found 4 shirts and a pair of shoes all for $40!! Yes..I was excited! When we got done at Old Navy, we went and ate supper with Matts dad, step-mom, and step-brother! They are so cool! We always have a blast with them! When we got done eating, we went and hung out at their house! They have a really nice back yard with a pool so we just relaxed and visited! The weather was really awesome and Jagger was having a blast chasing the dogs! We stayed there until it got dark and then we decided it would be wise to start home! Jagger fell asleep fast..he was exhausted!
It has been a long day and I am very ready to be in my bed!!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!!


  1. Ditch the running idea and go for the eliptical. Best bang for your buck on exercise. I have knee problems too. Too many years of exercise and cheerleading in high school. You don't want to start having knee problems at your age because when you get my age it will be 100 times worse and you want to be able to do some sort of excersize.Join the fitness center and you can go early while Matt is still at home or late when Jagger is asleep. I also do a body sculpting class on Tues, Thurs, Sat morn. Great teacher, Susan Bridges & Sonya Sledge.Zumba on Mon, Tues, Thurs. It's really fun!!

  2. I work out now 3 days a week on 4 different machines. Can't do bicycle because of knee. Elliptical is my favorite. Strange thing it doesn't bother my bad knee at all. You fo girl. Anything sure beats nothing