Thursday, June 9, 2011


For some reason today I had the urge to talk about my past jobs. I was going through some junk and found some old pay stubs from my job in high school! I thought it was funny to see how much I was the time I thought I was making a ton!! I have always had a job...Mom and dad made me start working when I was either 13 or the time I hated it but I am glad now because I feel it made me appreciate things and know what its like to work. It shocks me how many kids do no work one job until they are out of college?
My first job was working at Sunrise Honda with dad!

 I worked in the parts department! At first it was hard because I was learning and I was very young, but once I caught on it was great! It was pretty easy for me to learn because I had grown up around motorcycles! I worked here until my junior year in high school!
After Sunrise, I started working at a local pharmacy! It was amazing! I worked for the sweetest family ever! and the people that worked there were awesome! They became my second family! When I first started working there I was working the cash register and delivering all the meds! At the time I decided I was going to go into pharmacy! Once I had been there for awhile, I started helping Mrs. Stacy (the owner) with her kids. I would go and pick them up from school, and take them to practices or anything else they had! I feel in love with these kids....I was with them for 2 years or longer! I finally got my pharmacy tech license and starting working in the back! I loved it! I lived at home for a year after I graduated high school..I was attending the college locally and working.. After about a year, I decided it was time to venture out..It was a tough decision because I didn't want to leave the pharmacy or the kids, but I figured it was best!
My first job away from home was at the pharmacy in the hospital where I was living. I was working full time in the pharmacy and going to school full time..It was overwhelming..and I hated the job! It was awful...the pharmacy in the hospital was completely different than the retail side! You were never around people and I felt like I was in a cave for 12 hours a day! blah...not for me...I like to be around people! I quit the hospital and started working at Maurices in the mall!
I really enjoyed it! I was so easy..and I was around clothing all the time! Major plus! I don't think I made much money then because I was spending so much of it! I figured out that retail was good for me! I was good at it! I just click with people....At the time, a new mall was being built in the town so I knew we would be moving over there! I ended up quiting Maurices because of some personal things going on! I needed a small break..I took about a 2 month break from working and focused on school! That is when I started working at Gordon's jewelry in the new mall!

It was different! I enjoyed getting to dress up, but I am not going to was a huge challenge for me! Selling expensive jewelry is not easy! I was so use to selling clothing that everyone could afford and then goign to something that people come in, look around, and then leave to think about it! I killed me...I was miserable! I bought major jewelry to make up for being miserable! Big mistake! but I do have some really nice jewelry out of the deal!...not sure it was worth it though....I kept trying to figure out how to get out of the job, but I needed the money so I couldn't quit! One day while I was standing around, a lady approached me and ask if I had ever heard of Aldo shoes..I said no and she said they were opening a new store in the mall and would like to know if I would be interested!! YES...YES...Yes!!! I took the job immediately! This is when my adventure with Aldo Shoes began!

It was amazing! I felt this is where I belonged! I started out in sales, then worked up to assistant manager and then in less than a year was manager! The day we opened the store was one of the most exciting things ever! We were all new at this, but it was so cool! I loved this job so much! This store meant everything to me..and the girls working there were awesome! It was tough because we all worked very hard, and it broke my heart to because these girls were my friends but I still had to be manager! I really never had money when I worked here and never had time! I spent all my money on shoes and all my time at the store! I learned so much at this job and felt like I came away with so much! I was 19 when I started managing the I had alot on plate and I was attending school also! It got to be too much and I felt like it was time I needed a job that didn't require so much of me! I wanted to enjoy the weekends and holidays. I had been working in retail for several years and was getting tired of it! I cried alot over if leaving Aldo was the right choice but then a new job fell in my hands. It was more money, weekends off, holidays, etc! and plus I had met my soon to be husband and was wanting to spend more time with him!!! This job would be perfect! It was working for a company that built and sold Tanning beds! It was pretty neat, but it was cold calling sales! If you have ever done this then you know how hard it it!!! I met some wonderful people at the job! Some that are still my close friends! but the job was not for me! I am not a cold caller....AT ALL!!! I do not like to sit behind a desk and call! I am more of a face-to-face kind of girl! I was not at the job long because Matthew and I got married and I had to move! and now here I am a stay at home mom with the sweetest baby boy ever!!! Who ever thought I would go from having a job all the time to being at home! There are days it is very tough but it is completely worth it!! and now it is time for my exciting news!
I have a new job! I am going to be working at Century 21!!!!

YAY!! I am so excited...this is completely a God thing! They are going to pay for my schooling and my license and then I get to set my own hours! This is great for me because of Jagger....Matthew and I are so thrilled because whatever I make from this will just be extra! We have been so use to living off one income there is no pressure for me to make money! I just need not of prayers as I start this new adventure! Again I am very excited about it and I can't wait to see what it brings!
What all jobs have you had???
Hope you are having a super blessed day!!


  1. Loved this post!!!!!!!! and CONGRATS!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your new job! If I made a list of my past jobs, it would have to be broken down into multiple posts, lol, pretty bad!