Sunday, June 12, 2011

Perfect Summer Weekend!

This weekend has been great! Nothing bad except that it did not last long enough!
Saturday-First, let me say I am so mad at myself because I didn't get any pictures! :( I have got to start getting better about that!!!
 Jagger and I got up and went shopping with Matthew's Aunt Julie and Allyson! It really made me feel good that they thought to invite/include us! They are super sweet and tons of fun! We left around 9:30 and cracked up the whole way there! Its never boring when we get around each other! The first stop was Old Navy! I tried on several things but nothing looked good :(, but I did end up getting Matthew a pair of super awesome shorts and they were only $12...whoooohoooo..even better!  Next stop was TJ Maxx! ( I love this store!) TJ Maxx is always hit or miss with me! I either do really well or do not find anything. I did find something for my sister-in-law! She is easy for me to find stuff for because we both like to cook so I can always find cute fun stuff for her kitchen! Oh, and I found the cutest mixing spoon ever! It is pink with a pig on the end!! super cute!
For lunch we decided on Chick-Fil-A! Yummy....and Jagger eats so well there! He loves the chicken there....I love the sweet tea and waffle fries! Its making my mouth water thinking about it! and then I get the spicy dressing that goes with the spicy chicken wrap to use for my dip! OMGoodness! Its amazing! After getting super stuffed we hit the mall! First stop- Target!! I love Target and I always find so much! I think we were in there for over an hour! I found some shorts, a top, and some shoes! and I got Matthew two pairs of athletic shorts (since we have started running we had to invest in some new running shoes and clothes to exercise in!)! I found a bathsuit and a dress but retarded me, just grabbed them on the way out and did not try them on! got home put them on and HATED both of them..I should have known better than to even get them! Then we shopped around the mall for awhile and Jagger did so good! He took a long nap so it was nice for me because I could look around without him getting antsy! When we were all done looking around, we rode the train around the mall twice! Our mall has this super cute train that has three cars on the back and you get to ride all over the mall! It is so fun and Jagger loves it! He waves at everyone and says " HI There!!" It is precious, and totally worth the money to let him ride! By the time we got home that night, we were worn out! We got our clothes ready for chuch and went to bed!
Sunday- Love this day!!! I love Sunday's...go to church then just be lazy! Today at church was awesome! I finally got to go to Sunday school! This is the first time ever since I have been at this church and I loved it!! We are doing a study on the book Radical! I have already read the book and now will read it again! Its very moving and it makes you think! I for sure think it is a book everyone should read! After church, we went to Grandma Betty's and ate a wonderful lunch! and then it was time to SWIM!! The kids were so excited to swim and Jagger is now a fish! He will go under water by himself and jump off the diving board to Matthew..Its crazy!! Jagger was so tired after all the swimming so he took a nap while Matthew and I ran! We did 1 mile walking, 1 mile running and then 2 sets of bleachers (we run at the football stadium so we just run up and down the bleachers ...its a killer!) I was so proud of us when we got done even though I was about to die! It has been a great day! We have got to spend time learning about Jesus, spend time with family, exercise, watch Jagger play, and now I am sitting here watching Jagger play with his train! I just love days like these!
Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

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