Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that Jennifer is the proud owner of a wax kit!!!

and yes today Jennifer waxed my eyebrows!! I was her practice and she did AMAZING!!! We had a ton of fun and I think she was shocked at how much I trusted her...I just told her to make sure she left a little eye brow and we would be ok!!! Thank you "fer"!
I'm Loving that I am now a super excited owner of an eliptical!! YAY!! I have wanted one of these forever and we finally have one! My knees are really struggling! Tonight was bad...we tried walking around the block but I thought my knee was going to give after one lap and then I cried because it was hurting so bad! It makes me so sad and I hope they get better!!!

I'm Loving this New Covergirl Natureluxe balm! It is so awesome! I do not like lipstick and I do not gloss! I hate stuff that is dry on my lips and stuff that is too glossy! This is just colored lip balm! Its awesome! I had been eyeing it for awhile and now I am so glad that I picked it up at Target!
I'm Loving A Mothers Hope by Francine Rivers! Francine, Your books are amazing! I love them!

I'm Loving Walk The Line...This is one of my favorite movies ever!!! I could watch it over and over...Oh wait I have! :)

I'm Loving my Father in Heaven who watches over and provides for me everyday!

I'm Loving this little boy!!!

and of course my wonderful husband!!! I love them both to the moon and back!!!
Please pray that my knees get better!
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Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!

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  1. I SO want to try that lip balm!!!!