Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bad Moods!

I will not be writing much tonight because today at The Cohn house has not been the best! For some reason none of us have been on the same page today!??? Haven't quite figured it out but that is how it has been! Matthew had very little sleep last night because he was working Relay for Life and did not get home till around 3:30 this morning! When he does not get much sleep he is a bear! and the bad thing is he does not even know it! On days like this I try to just keep my mouth shut, which is super hard for me because I am very strong minded and always want to get in the last word! :) I is something I am really working on! I am getting better! So anyways, Matthew is cranky because lack of sleep...Jagger is cranky because he was just having a two year old tantrum throwing day and me...well I was going into the bathroom to take a breather about every 30 minutes! Today has just been a tough day! I think God was teaching me a lesson today!!! I am glad that today is almost over and we can start a new day! I hope that my family will be in better moods tomorrow!!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

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