Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Weekend!

Warning- This is going to be a long post! Several pictures and lots of words! So if you are not up for that now is a good time to stop and continue on with what you are doing! But I hope you will stay and read! I hope I don't bore you too death!!!!
Friday- Jagger and I did not do much on Friday! I worked on my schooling so that was a plus! and we got to pick up the eliptical that night! I was so would have thought it was Christmas at The Cohn house! Once we got Jagger asleep, Matthew and I decided to watch a movie and I did elipitcal! I did 20 minutes got off and ate a brownie! Then I decided I would do 20 more minutes! Yes....I had a brownie during my rest! I mean come on....who can resist a warm brownie?? Not me!!! ;) and plus I feel like I just canceled it out with my last 20 minutes, so its almost like I didn't eat it! Matthew was making fun of me while he was laying on the couch! At least I was doing something!

Saturday- got up early so we could "celebrate" our anniversary! Matt's mom said she would Jagger for the whole day so we could spend the day together! My mother-in-law had told us earlier in the week that she wanted to take Jagger to the movie theater to see Cars 2! be honest my first reaction was ....ok..glad you are the one going! Because Jagger does not sit still!!! so anyways...he had been talking about going to the movie, eating popcorn, and getting a soda(that is what he calls it) all week! They came and picked up Jagger about 9:30 that morning and the first word out of his mouth when he woke up was Movies!! He was so happy to go with Gigi...he actually was walking to her car telling Mommy and Daddy to stay home! ;) It was cute! So anyways, Matthew and I got gone without anxiety of worrying about Jagger being upset! So we headed to town...we decided we would spend all day just shopping and have no plans! Just go into any store we wanted to and look at everything! If you are a parent then you know that shopping and getting to look does not happen very often! Actually ......never!!! so we were so excited for this day! We went into so many stores and tried on clothes...we had a blast! We ate lunch with some of our good friends that we haven't seen in awhile! After lunch we did more shopping! We really didn't buy much but it was just fun getting to spend time with each other!

Oh...did get one thing that I LOVE...I have had my heart set on it for months!! I think since around christmas but the store has been sold out of them and finally we walked in the store and they had it!! I screamed out loud! ;) I grabbed it and ran to the cash register!

I love peacocks! so this is perfect!
I also got to eat Sushi twice in one day so I was one happy girl!! I thank God everyday for putting Matthew in my life and I am happy that we got a chance to enjoy each other! I think sometimes we get wrapped up in being parents and we forget how important it is to spend time with each other!
Sunday- Wow!! Today has been busy! It has been an amazing day! Church was awesome! The message today really touched me! I love days like these! I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about it! Sunday school was a great discussion also! We are going through the Radical book and it is such an eye opener...One thing that really stuck with me is do your actions show that you are a Christian!? Preacher was talking about how our actions speak louder than words. We can say that we are Christians all day long but do our actions/fruits go along with that? really makes you think!
After lunch, we came home to get started on our list of things!! Matthew and I have been wanting new patio furniture but we have been shocked at how expensive it is!!! It is unreal! So instead, I decided to work on what we have! I thought we could paint it and get some cute cushions! Here is the result.....
Started out being white!! and I found this cute paint at Lowes!

Finished! I thought it turned out cute for $3 spray paint and $12 cushions!
So anyways, I worked on this little project today while Jagger swam in his pool! and .....Ok, so you know how I always pick on my husband because he is always wanting to work on our house..If I turn my back for two seconds then he will rip something down!! I swear it never ends! Well this is what happened at our house today...
Yes...our awning is gone!!! He took it off! He decided it needs to be replaced! so now we have no awning! I will keep you updated on how it gets replaced! and I am hoping it happens within a few days or Mommy will not be happy! ;)
Jagger had a great day helping us with everything! He is so sweet...oh and by the way, Gigi said he did great at the movie! He loved it!

I love my life and know God has blessed me in everway! I can never thank him enough for everything!
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

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  1. HEHEHEHE you and that brownie just made me giggle!!!

    LOVE the peacock!

    Looks like a great weekend girl!!!