Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Blah...this is how Jagger and I feel! I am still sick and now sweet Jagger is sick! We both have not been sick any this year and now it hits us both! We have been so fortunate because the only reason we have had to take Jagger to the doctor was for his shots! So now we are both just feeling yucky! We are just going to lay around all day and do nothing! I am sad because we are missing Vacation Bible School today but I figure its best for us and everyone else if we stay home!
We have had an exciting last few days...Allyson has become our "adopted" child. Her family is out of town so she has been staying with us! Jagger has loved having his Ally with us....We love her so much! We always have a blast when she is around. There is usually a ton of laughing and acting silly!!  Whenever Allyson stays with us we go to Wal-Mart and buy cinammon rolls and chocolate chip cookies....Cinammon rolls are for breakfast and chocolate chip cookies or chocolate chip muffins are the night time snack!! Matthew said Allyson can stay all the time :)!
Cheese pizza is always a must in our house!
Allyson makes the best tents!!
Yummy! Chocolate Chip muffins with Chocolate icing!
Please contine to pray that we get rid of this yucky sick stuff! Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!!


  1. You know YOU HAVE TO SHARE ALLYSON!!! We love having her at our house too! :) She is a sweetie.

  2. MMMMMMM pizza!!!