Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Monday!

I have a love hate relationship with busy days! Is that weird? I love them because it gives me something to do but I hate them because they wear me out and it goes by so fast!!!!
I was so happy because Jagger slept in alittle so I got a chance to get my bible study in this morning and drink a wonderful cup of coffee! I love these mornings! It just makes my day so much smoother! I also did laundry, sent encouragement cards out, and dishes! Oh and I did some couponing- how could I forget this? ;) I was glad that I got so much done! After Jagger got up, we set on the couch together and watched a cartoon! This is our special time...we just cuddle and watch tv! I love it!
Around lunch it started to storm, so we went and picked up Allyson so that she would not be home by herself! Jagger was so excited to see his Ally! Instead of cooking lunch we decided we would go pick up Dairy Queen and bring it home! I have never been a fan of Dairy Queen food until I discovered something amazing! It is the Iron Grilled Turkey Sandwich and it is awesome!!!! I could eat on everday! It is this super yummy toasted bread with think slices of Turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato...I'll just show you a picture of it! It will make your mouth water!

and it really does look like this picture!! You know how some places you see a picture and it looks amazing and then when you get the sandwich its all smashed and floppy looking! I hate that....I want what is on the picture! ;)  So, anyways after a yummy lunch we didn't do much! Just played inside since it was raining! I did get started on my real estate classes and I love it! I did my first quiz today and made a 100!! YAY! but I still have a long way to go so hopefully I can keep up the 100's!
Once Matthew got home, we had no clue what we were going to do...I thought we would run and then eat supper BUT guess where we ended up!!???????? 

yes, we ended up driving about 30 miles to go to Lowes!! I am not a fan of Lowes simply because from the day we got married we have spent alot of time and money here! The thought of Lowes stresses me out! My husband goes in here and wants to buy everything and gets all these ideas! Tonight was not that bad because we went in and bought new storm doors but then Matthew started looking at all this other stuff that was not on the list! ;) but he has fun and likes it so I guess I can deal with it! Jagger had a blast because the shopping carts are these huge race cars that are very hard to steer so you just run into everything! and he ended up with some goodies too! Jagger found a pair of working gloves and a shovel so he could help us in the garden and flower beds! He wanted to wear them as soon as we paid for them! hahah..and this is what happened.....

Once we got home from Lowes, I went on a run and did over 2 miles by myself! Tonight was the first night, I have ran with music and it was great! It really helped me stay with it!
 Hope everyone had a blessed Monday!!

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