Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Night!

Last night was a simple night...did not do much because I am still sick! I think if I am not better tomorrow its time to let the doctor take care of this! I have been super excited about the movie Just Go With It coming out! I love Jennifer Aniston! I think she is gorgeous and her style is amazing!!

 Matthew and I went to see it in theater and loved it! We laughed so hard, so I knew it would be a movie we would be buying! So our last night with Allyson consisted of watching Just Go With It and eating chocolate chip cookies!!! and again we laughed so hard....I was struggling because my throat was hurting so bad and then I was laughing on top of that......but it was a good night!
Silly girl!

Jagger and Daddy!

Our yummy pile of goodness!

Hope everyone else had a blessed night! 

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