Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving that tomorrow we are taking the kids to a cabin at the lake!! I know we will be tired but they will have a blast!

I'm Loving Mucinex DM and the Neti Pot (its strange but it works)!!

I'm Loving my prayers and quite time! These two things are so important to me!! Today required alot of both of these! ;)

I'm Loving that today we got to spend time with Jennifer and Nolen!! The boys had a blast at the pool!

I'm Loving that Jagger is learning to swim!!!! He is getting so good at going under!

My little fish!!!

I'm Loving Victoria's Secret! If you know me then you know that Victoria's Secret has been a part of my life for a long time! It has always been my favorite store!!! I have always gotten my clothes, shoes and unmentionables there!! and now that Semi-Annual is on that makes it even better! I actually ordered several things today, can't wait for them to come in!

My 21st birthday cake was a Victoria's Secret box with the ribbon on it! It was so cool! I will have to dig up a picture!

I'm Loving my sweet Jagger!!
Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!

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