Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chuck E Cheese... Oh my!

 So today we went to the place where a kid can be a kid! Chuck E Cheese! Not my idea but we went! Matt's Grandma thought it would be fun to take the kids there! We left around 9:30 this morning so that way we could get there around 10:30..and hopefully beat the crowd! The place is not that bad when its not packed but I can still only handle so much! and what gets me about it is that it is so expensive!! I mean you keep spending all this money on tokens and end up bringing home a little bracelet or something that breaks by the time we make it home! and the food is not that good! I would rather go eat somewhere else then go there to play!  I love watching the parents when we got there! Its hysterical...its just that look like "why? o why did we even try this?" but the kids do have a blast! Jagger was running around screaming and having a blast! so I guess that is why we parent put ourselves through it! Anything for our babies! ;)

up the slide!!



Havin fun!

Hope everyone had a blessed day!!

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