Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!

Oh my goodness....what an amazing Memorial Day weekend! We have not celebrated just a day...we have been going the whole weekend! I have not done a blog post in a few days because have been super busy and I thought I would do one big post! Our weekend all started with Justin's graduation and just ended a few hours ago with a big supper and some more swimming! I thank God everyday for letting me be apart of an amazing family! So here goes with The Cohn/Lynn/Watson Memorial Day weekend!
Justin's Graduation Party

We got him a college survival basket! Boys are hard to buy for!

Opening gifts! Yay!
Swimming and Relaxing

Lots of FOOD!!!!  We had hamburgers and hot dogs, tenderloin, chicken strips, Fuji! (yes...I said Fuji ...My father-in-law has perfected the japanese steakhouse food! Its amazing!!!), fried chicken,  chocolate cake, chocolate roll, Angel Food cake, fruit, tons of ice cream,  and lots of other stuff! None of us starve ..that is for sure!
Who loves ice cream? Jagger loves ice cream!

Yes this is fried rice!!! OMGoodness!!

The Family Kickball Tournament!!! Hysterical!  We were hard core! We had team names and everything! Bootheel Gators and The Skins??? Not too sure where that one came from?

And more swimming!!!!

Hope everyone had a blessed Memorial Day weekend! I will be gone for a few days! Going to stay with my grandma...she has no internet so we will be disconnected from everyone! Kinda looking forward to it, but keep me in your prayers!! ;)

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