Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Oh my I feel so behind! A few days without a computer will throw you for a loop! We were home all day and I am still behind on everything...I do almost have the laundry caught up so that is good! This is going to be a long post so bear with me!
We started with an early morning! I was up at 5 getting ready because we had to be over at Grandma Bettys at 7:30.  It is a long drive up there and honestly I was dreading it because I was not really sure how Jagger would do, but he did amazing! I could not have ask for anything better! Matthew and I had a blast...we laughed and sang the whole way! They always say if you want to know how a relationship is going to go just go on a long car ride together and you will find out! We got to Columbia around 3 in the afternoon. After we got checked in and settled, we drove over to the girls is super nice! It is nicer than our house! Jagger loved it because it had stairs! He loved running up and down the stairs! We visited for awhile and then decided it was time for some supper....we drove over to a place ( can't remember the name) but the wait was over an hour! Nope, sorry! can't do that with a two year old! So, we ended up at Longhorn Steakhouse! It was super yummy! I had an amazing steak salad! Oh, and I find it funny that  the resturant was right beside a HUGE BassPro!!! hahahah...the guys had this planned the whole time! :) After supper, we went to BassPro! I even enjoyed it! It was super cool! Jagger loved the fish and all the animals! Once we got back to the hotel, Jagger and Matthew had a blast! Jagger was in heaven in this hotel. He thought it was the coolest thing ever! He was running around laughing and jumping! It took forver for him to fall asleep and then Matthew and I could not stop cracking up over the noisey bed! It was a long but fun night!
having a blast!!!
Saturday- Matthew had to get up super early! Charlyn's graduation was at 8 in the morning! I was sad that I didn't go but I did not think that Jagger would do good sitting for 3 hours, so we stayed at the hotel until it was over! It also stunk because the weather was yucky! It was rainy and cold the whole weekend and we for sure did not pack for that! After the graduation, we went and ate lunch! We ate at this amazing chinese resturant!!! Not sure what it was but it was great! Good choice Char! Then after lunch, we went to the girls apartment so Charlyn could open her presents!
Congrats Char!!!

Ok!!! Yes...this is Sheryl Crow! and for those of you who know me I am a huge fan!!!! and she was the speaker at the graduation!!! YAY!!
After cake and presents, Matthew, Jagger, Grandma Betty and me attempted to go shopping! I will say it again....attempted!!! It is very hard to shop with Jagger! We were trying to find Matthew some shoes but didn't find any! We went back to the girls apartment and ordered wonderful pizza from Shakespeares! This is apparently a "must" in Columbia! It really was super yummy! Ok- so I know I have sister-in-laws who truly love me because after we ate and packed a few things they took me to an amazing place.....A HyVee Grocery store!!! Oh my goodness! I thought I had died and gone to heaven! When I walked in I swear I heard the Hallelujah song playing! ;) You all know that I love food, and I love great grocery stores! Well in the bootheel we do not have good grocery stores! This was the most amazing grocery store I have ever been in!! It was unreal! I would be broke if we lived around a store like that!
The day went by so fast....Columbia is really a neat town and I wish we would have had more time to enjoy it!
Sunday- Got up Sunday morning bright and early! We ate at Cracker Barrell! Yummo! After breakfast, we got on the road! It was a long drive home! We did stop and get the newspapers in St. Louis! I thought they would have good coupons and yes, I was right! Matthew was so embarrased that I was making him stop for newspapers! hahah..its good for him! ;) We finally made it home later that night....we had to stop in Cape and eat lunch and then run by the mall....I thought Matthew might find some shoes...wrong! He is just not a shopper! When you see his black dress shoes..don't make fun..I just can't get him to pick out any! We didn't get any shoes but for some reason we ended up with two new family members (against my will!)

Yes! That is two hermit crabs! How in the world did we end up with these?? I do not know! I am not really fans of Matthew and Jagger get to take care of them!

We had a great weekend and I was glad that we got to be apart of Charlyn's special weekend! We are very proud of her! She has worked super hard!
Hope everyone else had a super weekend!

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend!!! love the pictures! And TOO COOL that Sheryl Crow was there!!!!