Thursday, May 26, 2011

Farewell Oprah!

I am very sad about Oprah! It actually makes me want to cry! I have watched Oprah for a very long time! I know there are alot of people who do not watch her but I have! I have laughed and cried with the millions of other men and women watching her! She truly has done some amazing things. Some of my favorite Oprah moments....
1. Makeovers!!! Oh wow! Oprah has some of the best makeovers ever! I love them! Even Matthew enjoys watching them!
Here are some of my favorites!

2. I love love love Oprah's Favorite Things -  I am like a kid watching this show!! I get just as excited as the crowd (well maybe not that excited!)

The reactions are my favorite part! so funny!

3. I love all the shows where she surpises people! It makes me so happy! You get a car and you get a car and you get a car! Amazing!

There are so many awesome moments from her show! I love them all and I have had a ton of Aha moments myself from the show! I will miss the show alot and I honestly can't believe it is over!

Farewell Oprah! It has been a blast!!!

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